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Vision and goals

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The Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Division places great emphasis on endowing their players with certain values that will serve them not only during their time as football players but throughout their lives. These values were meticulously formulated within the youth sector and represent the vision of the entire Youth Division:


"Family is forever. There is no getting away from it. Even if you play elsewhere, your soul will always remain with the Maccabi family, because you can always switch clubs, but not your family. The Maccabi family teach you football and watch you grow into it. We teach you the joys of football and that's why we have the most fans. They expect us to love our football and to show as much of that love on the pitch as possible. The best of families are always happy to help and they swell with mutual pride when they meet on the practise pitch, at matches or at special events. When you show respect for the family veterans, who for many years have been hard at work to nurture the Maccabi family, you too will be respected ".


"Integrity is making a conscious decision, every day, to behave towards others as you would have others behave toward you, even when it is easy to deceive. A Maccabi player plays to score, not to concede; he is tough but not violent; determined not to give ground but generous and respectful of his opponent. He enjoys success, but is not frightened by failure; he loves the rules and wins by them, even if they are not in his favour. Proud of every achievement, small as it may be, he seeks challenge in every opportunity and is always hungry for the next goal, the next bit of good defending, the next deflection, the next completed pass, the next victory. Integrity is a way of living and fulfilling your role as a successful Maccabi footballer".


"In football, you must get the ball through your opponent's half and into the goal as quickly as possible. But there is an entire team between you and that goal and other players on your own team who want to be involved, and there are many ways of getting that ball away from you. You need more than just technical proficiency to succeed in all the difficult situations that arise in a football match. Sacrificing is giving up the things that will get in the way of your becoming a football great and a source of Maccabi pride. There's no need to invent it for yourself; many Maccabi players have done it before you and you too can succeed if you are prepared to learn from them".


"The Maccabi way isn’t someone’s private property. Anyone who has the desire to succeed and who wants to learn how to go about it will find someone to teach him. At Maccabi Tel Aviv we pass on this knowledge from one generation to the next and whoever has already learned from someone else will wish to pass that knowledge on to someone younger than himself. Take seriously the advice you get from them and set aside your concerns of being ridiculed by them. Whoever is afraid to learn will not be able to hear the truth. If you have left a practice session without learning something new, you must have disregarded the coach or a teammate who tried to help you. Do you believe you already know all there is to know? If so you should be constantly asking to be taught even more. You must also teach someone younger than yourself or a teammate who has made a mistake, but remember – teach patiently, with a smile on your face, and not with derogatory language and condescension. Be polite and forgive others who have not yet learned to find their inner peace".

Youth Division goals:

1.       To produce players for the club's senior squad – preparing young players physically and mentally for a career as professional first-team Maccabi Tel Aviv football players. The flagship of the Youth Division is the Youth Team. Only the best young players make it to the Youth Team and only after a long training process. This is the last stage before entering the senior squad. Every year a number of the Youth Team members will be chosen to join the senior squad for practices and matches.

2.       To produce players for the various Israeli national teams and for professional leagues outside of Israel.

3.       To establish an inseparable connection between education and football – to produce young people who are both educated and inspired to be model citizens, to nurture them to aspire to excellence in sports and to imbue them with the values that help shape the identity of the football player as a member of the society he lives in – as a human being, as a citizen and as an athlete.

4.       To nurture the desire for achievement through competing for every possible title at every Youth Division team level.

5.       Club management in accordance with commercial and organisational standards while functioning as a source of research and development in a productive endeavour.