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Terms of Use


The Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club ("the Company" or "the Team") own and operate ("the Website").  Use of the site and content therein is subject to the terms of use specified in these Regulations ("Terms of Use").

Users must read the Terms of Use carefully prior to using the Website.  Use of the Website and content thereof attests to the user's consent and agreement to adhere to the said Terms of Use.

The Website is intended for private use only and any commercial use thereof is forbidden without prior written consent from the Company.

The use of masculine form throughout these Terms of Use is intended for convenience only and these Terms of Use shall apply to all Website users.

Intellectual Property

Any intellectual property appearing on the Website, including creators' rights, commercial samples and secrets, are the sole property of the Company or of the parties that have permitted the Company to use their intellectual property.  Such rights apply, inter alia, to the graphic design, databases, content and computer code relating to the Website and to any other detail relating to its construction and operation.

Copying, reproducing, distribution, sale, marketing and translation of any information appearing on the Website (including trademarks, pictures, texts and computer codes), whether digitally or by any other media, is prohibited without the Company's explicit prior consent in writing.

The data appearing on the Website and/or any details therein may not be used for the purpose of presentation on another website or service whatsoever, without the Company's prior written consent and subject to the terms of said consent (if any).

No photographs appearing on the website may be used without settling all copyright issues and without notice of credit to Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club and the photographer Nir Keidar.


The user bears the full and exclusive responsibility for use of the Website.  The content appearing on the Website may be used only As Is.  It may not be altered to meet the needs of any individual.  No claim and/or suit and/or demand may be brought against the Company regarding the content, its scope, its limitations, its suitability to the needs of any individual or regarding the comments evoked (if any) by any content appearing on the Website.

The Company do not guarantee that the content and services provided by third parties that are published on the Website (including links thereto), including user content and service providers, will be complete, correct, legal or accurate.  It is hereby clarified that the Company shall not be liable in any way for any outcome and/or consequences in their regard, or through the use thereof or reliance thereupon.

The Company encourage users to approach content on the Website cautiously, meticulously and critically, including content published by other Website users (if any) and content published by the Company.


The user undertakes to remunerate the Company, their employees, managers or anyone on their behalf for any damage, loss, lost profit, payment or expense caused thereto, including legal retainer fees and trial expenses – due to the violation of the Terms of Use.


The Website has links to other sites.  The provisions below shall apply to use of said links and they do not derogate from any or all other Terms of Use.

The links are intended for user convenience only.

Regarding links to external sites unrelated to the Website ("External Sites"): unless stated otherwise on this Website, there are no legal or commercial relations between the owners of External Sites and the Company, and the Company have no control over or right to the material contained on such sites.

The Company are in no way and/or manner responsible for the content presented on External Sites and the services therein provided (including the sale of tickets and/or other products).

Links to External Sites are not to be construed as the Company's approval, recommendation or preference for the linked sites, including documents and any other material thereon, the site operators or products displayed and/or sold thereon.

Usage Privacy Policy

In light of the Company's respect for the privacy of the Website users, the Company have resolved to publish their policy on privacy protection and undertake to uphold this policy toward the user.  The aim of the policy is to explain the Company's practices regarding user privacy on the Website and the manner in which the Company use any information provided by the Website users or thereby compiled during use of the Website.

While using the Website services, information about the user is compiled.  Part of that information identifies the user personally, i.e. name and address, credit information used in payments, etc.  This is information that the user provides knowingly when registering for services on websites.  Some of this information does not identify the user personally and is not retained together with the user's details.  This is statistical and cumulative information.  For example, ads the user has read on the Website, pages viewed, offers and services that caught the user's attention, the IP address from which the user accessed the Website, and more.

Registering for services.  Where personal details are required upon registering for services on websites or when purchasing products thereon, the Company will only request information directly required for the provision of those services or acquisition of those products.

Data bank.  The collected data will be kept in the Company data bank and will be subject to their responsibility.

Use of information. The compiled information will be used only in accordance with this privacy policy or pursuant to legal provisions, in order to:

Enable the use of various services on the Website;

Improve and expand the services and content presented on the Website;

Alter or cancel existing services and content;

Acquire products and services on the Website – including the publication of information and content;

Suit the ads appearing on the Website to the user's areas of interest during the user's visit.

The information used by the Company shall be mainly statistical, with no personal user identification.

Electronic direct mailing.  The Company wish from time to time send the user e-mails relating to their services, as well as marketing and promotional information.  Such information will only be sent to the user if the user has explicitly consented thereto and the user may, at all times, revoke his consent and discontinue receiving such information.  The Company will not provide the user's personal details to advertisers.  Nevertheless, it may provide statistical information on user activity on the Website.  Such statistical information proivided will not identify the user personally.

Disclosing information to a third party.  The Company will not provide third parties with the user's personal details and information compiled about the user's Website activity except in the following instances:

If the user purchases products and services from third parties offering them for sale on the Website, the said third parties will be provided with the information required in order to complete the acquisition process;

In the event of a legal dispute between the user and the Company that requires the disclosure of the user's details;

If the user performs illegal actions on the Website;

Where a court order is received ordering the disclosure of details or information relating to the user to a third party;

In the event the Company in any way sell or transfer the Website activity to any corporation – or in the event they merge with another body or merge their Website activity with the activity of a third party, provided the said corporation undertake to uphold this privacy policy toward the user.

Cookies.  The Company Website uses Cookies for ongoing operation, including the compilation of statistical data on Website use, to verify details, to adjust the site to the user's personal preferences and for purposes of data security.  Modern browsers provide the option of non-acceptance of Cookies.  If you do not know how this is done, read the help file for the browser that you are using.

Third party advertisements.  The Company permit other parties to manage their own advertising on the Company's websites.  The advertisements seen during a visit to the Website originate from the computers of the said parties.  To manage their advertisements, the said parties place Cookies in the user's computer.  The Cookies enable them to compile information on the sites that the user has viewed through their advertisements and the advertisements that the user has clicked on.  These parties' use of Cookies is subject to their own privacy policy and not to the privacy policy of the Company. 

Data Security.  On thier websites, the Company implement updated data security systems and procedures.  While these systems and procedures reduce the risk of unauthorised access, they do not provide absolute security.  Therefore, the Company do not guarantee that their services are completely secured against unauthorised access to the information stored therein.

Right to review information.  Pursuant to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, any person is entitled to review information relating to him in a data bank.  Where a person has reviewed such information and found it to be inaccurate, incomplete or outdated, he may contact the databank owner and request that the information should be corrected or deleted.  Such a request must be directed to Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club, 106 Ben Zvi Road, Tel Aviv, Israel.

In addition, in the event that the information in the Company databanks is used to contact the user directly, the user may, under the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, demand that the information relating to him should be deleted from the databank. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy.  Where substantial changes are introduced to this policy regarding the use of the personal information that the user has provided, notice thereof will be posted on the websites' homepage.

On-line Product Sale

Any user adhering to the entire body of terms set forth herein may register at the Website in order to acquire products through the Website ("Purchasing"):

The user is entitled to engage in binding legal activity.  In the event the user is a minor (under 18 years of age) or if the user is not entitled to perform legal actions without the approval of a guardian, his use of the Website shall be construed as being pursuant to the approval of a guardian.

The user must be in possession of a valid Israeli identification card or a company duly incorporated and registered in Israel.

The user must be in possession of a valid Israeli or international credit card, issued in Israel by one of the credit card companies.

The user must have an e-mail address on the internet and a local address in Israel.

Products offered on the Website

Every product or service offered on the Website has a "Sales Page".  The Sales Page includes the name of the product or service on offer, the price of the product or the nature of the service on offer, the shipping price and the price including shipment.

Pictures of the products presented on the Website and/or the Sales Page are for illustration purposes only.

Product details are obtained from the manufacturer's website or from information provided by the importer.

The products are subject to limited liability.  The general terms of the warranty are subject to those appearing on the product warranty and the terms of the importer.

On-line Shop Sale Methods

The Maccabi Tel Aviv on-line shop has a list of products, including all the details relating to the products or services on offer, and the predetermined price.  Sales on the Website continue while stocks last.

Completion of the sale is subject to transaction approval and verification by the user, either by phone and/or e-mail within 24 hours of placing the order, and to the desired product being in stock at the online shop upon completion of the sale.

User Purchases

Providing all of the required user details in a complete and accurate manner is a prerequisite for performing the purchase ("the Details").  Upon completing the Details, the user becomes a "Buyer".

The Buyer will be charged the price of the product or service by credit card, subject to transaction approval by the credit card companies.

The Details entered on the registration page and the registration of the transaction in Company computers shall serve as conclusive evidence of their correctness.

The submission of false details comprises a criminal offence and anyone so doing is subject to criminal and civil legal proceedings.

In the event the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, the Buyer will be notified within 96 hours, requiring him to contact the customer service centre in order to settle approval of the transaction with the credit card company.  In such cases, the number of days required for shipment shall begin with the day upon  which the transaction is approved by the credit card company.  

For further information and details, contact the Company directly by mail at 106 Ben Zvi Road, Tel Aviv.                              

Transaction Cancellation and Product Return

The Buyer may cancel the transaction subject and pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981.

Product Supply

The Company will supply the products purchased on the Website to the address entered on the registration page, within the time period set forth on the product Sales Page, unless explicitly stated otherwise.  The Company will take measures to supply the products in accordance with the shipment conditions set forth on the Sales Page, all subject to completion of credit card payment in full.  The Company shall not be liable for any delay in product shipment in any of the following instances:

Force majeure and, without derogating from the generality of the above, war, acts of hostility, emergency situations and natural disasters.

Strikes by suppliers of the services or goods required for product production and/or shipment.

Any other circumstances that are not subject to Company control.

In cases of deliveries to areas of limited access for the shipment company, the on-line shop and/or supplier may ship the products to the Buyer at a nearby and mutually agreed upon location, all subject to prior co-ordination with the Buyer.

Product and/or service supply dates, as set forth in the Sales Page, include business days only, i.e. Sunday to Thursday, excluding Friday, Saturday, holiday eves and holidays.

The products can be also be collected by the Buyer at one of the Company branches, subject to prior arrangement or after receiving a text message notifying him that the product has reached the selected branch.  

Products are delivered to the Buyer's door by a delivery company or to the post office nearest the Buyer's home via registered mail, as set forth in the order.

In these regulations, supply and delivery shall be construed to mean all the essential activities from the moment the product is received at the supplier's warehouse until it is actually delivered to the Buyer.  Such actions include registration, sorting, packaging, marketing, shipment, delivery and insurance.

In certain instances, a product appearing on the Website may have run out of stock.  In such cases, the Buyer shall be notified.  The Buyer will not be charged and the order will be cancelled.

Shipment Fees

Shipment fees where applicable shall be paid by the Buyer as part of payment for the product.

It is hereby agreed that, in the event the Buyer collects his purchase himself, no shipment fees shall apply.

The shipment fees and/or anything related to the delivery of identical products may differ, subject to the Buyer's address.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The laws applying to the use of the Website and the Terms of Use are Israeli law only.  Jurisdiction lies soley and exclusively with the authorised courts of the Tel Aviv district.