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Maccabi Tel Aviv FC have opened their first new concept shop in the heart of Israel's most renowned shopping street, Dizengoff in Tel Aviv

Every devoted fan treading "holy" ground at the great venues of European football, Camp Nou in Barcelona or the Allianz Arena in Munich to name just two, will no doubt have had occasion to spend time at the extensive souvenir shops that grace these grand temples of the world's most popular sport. For many fans around the world merchandising and souvenirs have become an essential element of their footballing experience and now, Maccabi Tel Aviv fans have the same opportunity as their counterparts in Madrid, Manchester or London. Maccabi Tel Aviv FC are happy to lay down the club's marker in the field of Israeli consumerism with the opening of a new merchandise and fashion shop as have done many of the world's biggest football clubs. Whatever Maccabi fans desire they will be able to find in the club's new official merchandise shop, located in the heart of Tel Aviv on Dizengoff, Israel's foremost shopping street. There awaits them an assortment of over 300 items designed to meet their every need, for whatever area of their lives.     

The shop, covering an area of 100 square metres on two floors of accessories and fashion, provides customers with an exciting consumer experience that includes a wide assortment of original and innovative quality items designed exclusively for Maccabi Tel Aviv. A wall of fame on the top floor will give our customers an impression of the many league cup and championship trophies Maccabi Tel Aviv have won throughout their illustrious history. And starting with the 2014/15 season, the team's many fans will be able to purchase match tickets at the shop as well.

Among the shop's assortment are baby clothing, a summerwear and accessory collection, NEW ERA caps, beer and aperitif glasses, back-to-school necessities, collectors' items in limited editions, brand-name gift packages and of course personalised official matchday jerseys and all the remaining official Maccabi Tel Aviv products.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10am to 8pm, Fridays and holiday eves 9.30am to 3pm

Address: 147 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv

Access: From the Tel Aviv Central Railway Station – bus lines 5 and 61, from the new Tel Aviv Central Bus Station – bus line 5, from the Shalom Railway Station/Azrieli shopping centre – bus line 239, from Reading terminal – bus line 39, from Dizengoff Centre – a ten minute walk going north on Dizengoff Street or bus lines 5 and 61, from the Tel Aviv beach front (Ben Yehuda St.) – bus lines 10 and 22.

The Kiryat Shalom merchandise shop:

Maccabi Tel Aviv have now reopened the official merchandise shop at the Kiryat Shalom training ground in its new format – all items at the shop are on sale for NIS 50 or less! Among those items going for sale prices are Championship shirts, scarves and even the 2012/13 Championship package. The sale prices do not include the new Adidas line of Maccabi Tel Aviv products.

Shop address: 106 on the Ben Zvi Rd. in the Kiryat Shalom neighbourhood in south Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 7pm and on Fridays from 10am and 2pm. 

Enquiries can be made during shop hours by telephone 03-6817233 ext. 129 or by email.

The on-line shop:

In addition to the shop at the Kiryat Shalom training ground, Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club also operate an on-line merchandising shop where fans may securely purchase items at attractive prices and have them delivered straight to their homes anywhere in Israel. At the on-line shop there are many special items available, including jerseys made to order with the name and number of your choice which can be viewed on-line before finalising your order. Footballs with players' signatures are also among the items available at the on-line shop, along with supporter items and articles for your home, your car and your computer. Every week a new advertisement will appear showing what is on sale for that week. Go to the on-line shop and choose what's just right for you!