By Josh Halickman

Eran Zahavi is a modern Jewish Hero. Really he is. He is a hero to millions across the land of Israel and around the world. And why not. He is Mister Clutch City. He makes everyone proud.

"Eran, there are people who say that when we watch you, we are witnessing greatness," I tell Zahavi following his tying goal for Maccabi Tel Aviv in the dying seconds of the Champions League playoff match in Basel.

"I'm happy for the compliment. This is what I try to do when I go onto the pitch, I try to make everyone around the club, the fans and the supporters happy and proud," Zahavi blushes.

There's no question as to what kind of talent Eran Zahavi is. Captain of Maccabi. All-Star. Superstar. You name it. He is all of the above.

When sporting director Jordi Cryuff pulled the rabbit out of the hat in January 2013 by bringing Zahavi back to Israel after a spell at Serie A outfit Palermo, nobody, and I mean nobody expected Zahavi to have this much impact on the club. No way!

Would Zahavi help Macacbi? Yes. Would he be another cog in the Yellow-and-Blue machine? Yes. Would be score and score and score some more? Not at this rate. Would he score such crucial goals, match after match for Maccabi? There's no way anyone could've predicted it.

Taking a look at Zahavi's stats, he has scored a staggering 28(!) goals between the 76th and 90+ minute mark! Does anyone even come close to that amount? Crazy! 28 goals in money time! 28!


Is it luck? Is it talent?

"It's practicing hard every single minute of every single training session," declared Zahavi. Think about that. Does the best at his profession need to practice, practice and practice some more? If Number 7 wants to remain Number 1 then he must. And that's what makes him the best.

Zahavi has a knack of finding the back of the goal, what can you say. He's a master at placing the sphere into the net. With his right foot. His left foot. His head. Every which way Zahavi seems to be able to just send the ball to the right place at the right time. Be it on the ground or in the air, Zahavi is a gift for all Jews and friends of Israel worldwide.

As modest as Zahavi can be he says to his followers around the globe: "Thanks for all of support and we hope to make everyone happy as much as we can and we really hope that all of our fans can come see us play in Israel, Europe and around the world.

Our goal is to make Jews around the world proud."

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