The new season is here and the Points Allocation System will allow those who accompany the club on the road from Kiryat Shemona to Beer Sheva priority to purchase tickets to away games that are in high demand.

Season ticket holders will receive double the amount of points than non-season ticket holders who buys a ticket for an away contest.

The points system is broken up into three categories:

Category 1: Maccabi Haifa, Beitar Jerusalem, Hapoel Beer Sheva, Hapoel Tel Aviv (1 point for season ticket holders, 0.5 point for non-season ticket holders)
Category 2: Bnei Yehuda, Maccabi Petach Tikva, Maccabi Netanya, Hapoel Haifa, Hapoel Raanana (2 points for season ticket holders, 1 point for non-season ticket holders)
Category 3: Bnei Sakhnin, Kiryat Shemona, Ashdod, Hapoel Hadera (3 points for season ticket holders, 1.5 points for non-season ticket holders)

For example: If you purchase tickets to a match against Maccabi Petach Tikva and Hapoel Hadera, you’ll earn 2 points for Maccabi Petach Tikva and 3 points for Hadera for a total of 5 points if you are a season ticket holder. If you are not a season ticket holder you will earn 2.5 points for these matches.

Please note:

If Maccabi is allocated 800 tickets for sale, then the top 800 fans on the points table will have the privilege to purchase them. Should there be a number of fans with the same amount of points, a lottery will be held in the presence of an accountant to determine who will be able to purchase a ticket. For example: If there are 1500 fans with the exact same amount of points, a draw will be held amongst the 1500 fans for the right to purchase one of the 800 tickets allocated to Maccabi.

IMPORTANT! You must use your season ticket when you make a ticket purchase via the website, telephone or ticket office. Should you not purchase the ticket through your season ticket there will be no way for us to know that you purchased the ticket and you won’t receive the maximum points.

AND! You must make the purchase via your season ticket account. If you do to know your USER ID and/or password please contact with all of your details.

If you purchase a ticket and do not attend the match there will be no refunds and you will not be allocated any points.

For the complete rules and regulations click here

Other questions:

I purchased more than one ticket, can I get more points?
No. The maximum amount of points you can receive is for one season ticket. If you have multiple season tickets, please make sure to buy each ticket via each season ticket account in order to be allocated points.

What if I purchase a ticket for my friends and my child, how does it work?
When you make the purchase, you must update the ticket representative with the season ticket numbers so the purchase will be allocated to their season ticket. If you don’t give in the season ticket number the ticket purchase will not be allocated to the season ticket holders account.

If I purchase a ticket through the home team or at the stadium on Matchday will I receive points?
No. On Matchday the ticket windows are operated by the host club and there is no way for Maccabi to take the information. There is also no way of knowing if the ticket purchase was made through the home team and not through Maccabi’s ticket allocation (via the Leaan Ticket Agency) and therefore Maccabi can’t allocate any points.

Do the points that I earned last season roll over to the upcoming campaign?
Yes. Points earned last season (2017/18) will roll over.

Please note:

  • Maccabi Tel Aviv reserves the right to cancel and end the points system at any moment
  • The points allocated per match may change at the discretion of the Club
  • Points will be tabulated until the end of the season and only then will it be determined if the points will continue into next season or if they will begin again from 0
  • When away match details will be published the points that may be earned will be published as well
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv will determine which matches the points system will be in effect for
  • The amount of tickets that will be allocated to the fans will be determined by the Club
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv reserves the right to change the point system including how points are earned
  • Points will be allocated for advance sales only via the Leaan Ticket Agency for tickets allocated to Maccabi Tel Aviv fans
  • Season ticket holders will be notified by the Club as to how long they have to purchase tickets and how they may be purchased
  • If you purchase a ticket and do not attend the match there will be no refunds and you will not be allocated any points
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv reserves the right to use the Points Allocation System for Toto Cup, State Cup and European matches. A notice will be released when tickets go on sale for those specific matches
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv reserves the right to use the Points Allocation System for home matches that are not included in the season ticket package and the Club may determine how many points are allocated for those matches
  • If there is a match that not all season ticket holders may purchase tickets to at the sole discretion of Maccabi Tel Aviv, a decision will be made if points will be allocated to not