On 20.3.18 at 19:52, our lives were changed forever. That cursed shot that pierced the air took you away from us.

I will never forget the moment when they told me the bitter news: It was right before I finished the officer’s course. Everyone, all of our friends were in the army. Suddenly there is a warning that a soldier in “Duvdevan” was hurt. We each had a feeling that it was you. We tried calling you so many times but there was no answer. In the end, your name was flying on the screen and a dark screen fell upon all of us.

From all of the army bases, we began to return to Givatayim. All of us, soldiers in the IDF, not digesting what has happened. In the last year, time has stood still.

The Shabbat before the disaster, we sat together at the beach, joking about life, speaking about what we will do after we are released from the army. It’s crazy how fluid life is. In a second it can all be over.

We met in fourth grade when we joined the scouts in Givatayim. We discovered that we have a common hobby, Maccabi Tel Aviv, FC. We spent most of our childhood with the team, going to games or running around the country.

We called ourselves “Side G”, the fans from Givatayim, those who don’t miss a game and find every possible way to get to the games. The happiest and saddest moments were with the team.

I remember the cup final against Be’er Sheva. It was the same day as our math Bagrut matriculation exam. Of course, we didn’t think twice. We finished the exam as quickly as possible and then rushed over to Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa so that we could get good seats. We did everything for the team! There was even a point where we worked for the club. We were so happy to be close to the players. Then there were the championships that kept us very happy and the rest is history.

We were able to do everything together, trips abroad, trips to every hole in Israel following our favorite team. We were counselors together, we went to parties. We traveled together more than with our families.

When we say “salt of the earth”, we are referring to you, Shahar. Your smile never left your face. Even when we were having a hard time in the army, you made sure to send a funny picture or call us to lift our spirits. You were our pride. You did everything in the nicest way. That is what brought you to be in such a special unit and you were so proud when you joined. You never fought with anybody. When you started to speak, we could see the great amounts of joy for life that you had. Shahar, we wanted to tell you that this year, we were champions. Maccabi is playing like it never did before. We feel that it is because of you. We do not stop waving the shirt with your picture on it at all of the great moments. We always cry when you are not with us. We know how happy you are and now we are sure. We miss you so much and going to games is so difficult without you. We promise to continue to perpetuate you and your path and you are always with us in spirit in everything that we do.

We love you so much and we will not forget,

Shabi, Tubias and Erez
The “G-side”