In 2003 the government gave the green light for the city of Netanya to build a brand new stadium. After many years of bureaucracy and construction, the ribbon was finally cut to inaugurate the facility in 2012. With 13,610 seats spread across two stands, the stadium sits on 15 acres of land in the Sharon region.

The stadium has been designed in accordance with the newest standards used in football stadiums around the world and is at the forefront of sports facilities in the State of Israel as well as meeting the highest standards of UEFA. In order to give the audience the ultimate viewing experience, each section and seat offers the best possible sight lines to see the match as best as possible.

The Stadium offers the audience the maximum viewing experience by giving those in the facility the closest vantage point to view the match. In addition, the crowd can enjoy the huge 80 square meter screen with videos, scores and messages for the fans.

One of the most prominent elements of the stadium is the “Floating Roof”. The stadium roof is built with the newest construction methods and is supported by only two pillars that creates the feeling that the roof is floating above the supporters.

When you pass by the stadium you can’t miss the diamond lighting that uses almost 500 computerized LED bulbs in various colors. Despite the large amount of bulbs, the power consumption is minimal due to the fact that they are LED.

The new stadium may be less than a decade old but has hosted many WINNER League matches along with the Euro Under-21 Tournament that was held in Israel.