They did it! Slavisa Jokanovic's players were able to advance to the groups stages of the Champions League with a 1:1 draw over Basel at Bloomfield Stadium.

Tal Ben Haim was at a loss for words after the match:

 "This is the hilight of my career. I don't know what to say, there are no words. I felt like a little child when I heard the Champions League anthem both here and in Basel. This is the high of the highs for me and now the fun is just beginning. It's not just the players who played in the match that made the difference, it's the guys who moved up from the youth department, to Eran and the other veterans including the whole staff. Everyone played their part as every cog in the machine is important and without one we couldn't have done what we did. Any team that we get now will be amazing. Of course I always dreamed of playing against Theirry Henry but I'm ready to face Messi as well."


"You saw me two years ago and I said that this was the dream that I was missing. I'm so happy that we were able to get to this grand stage. This was a tough match played at a very high level with all of our heart. It may be a cliche, but we left everything on the pitch. But that's what we did."Barak Itzhaki is excited to head to the Champions League:

Itzhaki also discussed the changes that took place since the beginning of the campaign: "I remember Hibernians and it was a new start with a new coach. We worked hard and we played a tactical match at the highest level that there is. I'm on the top of the world."