MTA's Youth Division held a season opening conference of the entire division staff

This morning the entire staff of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Division convened at the Kfar Maccabiah sports complex near Tel Aviv for a season opening conference. Participants included all the division's coaches as well as the entire professional and administrative staff. The purpose of the gathering was to present and review the division's summer activity and to make preparations for the new season that will get underway on September 1st. Youth Division manager Ariel Avram and football director Nir Levin detailed the changes that had been made in the division's organisational structure, changes that include the introduction of new personnel in the coaching and professional staffs designed to build on the division's successes and maintain its leading position in youth football in Israel.

During the conference, division staff members participated in a variety of groups for the discussion of professional matters raised by Nir Levin and listened to remarks made by Maccabi's sports psychologist Noam Eyal. Also present at the conference were sports director Jordi Cruyff and head coach Oscar Garcia, who were keen to meet the people responsible for nurturing the next generation of Maccabi Tel Aviv football players. It also presented them with the opportunity to impart their vision on the optimal preparation of these young talents.