PenguinPickUp, is a physical and digital service connecting retailers and brands worldwide with consumers. PenguinPickUp provides a network of over 70 pick up locations across Canada, offering customers with drive-through and walk-in experience that allows online shoppers to come and pick up their packages within minutes.

With over 70 locations across Canada and looking to expand internationally, PenguinPickUp, will be a “one stop pick up” for all e-commerce purchases, including groceries. PenguinPickUp can store fresh and frozen food as well as hard goods such as electronic and apparel.  Customers can ship almost anything to PenguinPickUp from anywhere in the world and any online retailer.

Hisense was founded in 1969 by the Chinese government as a small radio factory. Over the years the company has grown into a global conglomerate with over 75,000 employees across the world. Hisense is the leader in flat screens and electronic appliances and is recognized as one of the top 10 companies in the global market. Hisense markets its products to over 130 countries around the world and introduced their “Global Branding” strategy in 2006 providing first-class quality products that are VALUE FOR MONEY with the best service in the industry. Hisense is China’s largest electronic appliance company with 14 production facilities and 11 R&D centers worldwide and is the 4th ranked electronics company in the world. In 2013, Hisense won its third consecutive Russells Top Supplier Award and in 2012 Hisense was the first Chinese company to win the Asia Quality Award along with many other distinguished prizes and awards throughout the years. “Technology, Quality, Integrity, Responsibility” are the four core values of the Hisense company worldwide and especially in Israel. Over the years Hisense has developed energy saving products that are more environmentally friendly. Hisense Israel continues with top of the line quality and service. The Hisense brand entered the Israeli market in 2007 with Exit Electronics Ltd.

NIVEA has firmly established its position for nearly a century as the #1 brand in Europe for face and body care products thanks to its in-depth studies and advanced laboratories. Today, the NIVEA brand includes a variety of skin care, face care, hair care, bath gel, body care and baby care products as well as sun protection items together with the NIVEA FOR MEN line. NIVEA products are sold in more than 150 countries worldwide. The brand has been represented by “Alpa Cosmetics” for the last 12 years and holds about 6.5% market share in the cosmetics and toiletries industry. Alpa Cosmetics is a privately owned company which was founded in 1933 and is currently one of five leading cosmetics companies in Israel which manufactures, imports and markets cosmetics and toiletries. Alpa Cosmetics, headed by CEO Ronen Shamir, is the exclusive marketer and distributor of a large number of unique brands in the Israeli market, including: Chanel, Givenchy, Elizabeth Arden along with various other fragrances including: Bogart, Ferrgamo, Fendi, MAM baby products, Sally Hansen, Labello, and more. The company’s factory and distribution center is located in Carmiel and has its marketing and sales offices in Tel Aviv. The company currently has over 550 employees and has its own independent distribution network.

The B.S.R. Group is an engineering company that specializes in real estate project management in Israel and around the world. For over 35-years the Group has been headed by Nachson Kivity along with a team of professional managers by his side. The Group leads the field of purchasing conglomerates in Israel, in the form of self-construction known as the “B.S.R. Method.” The Group enjoys an excellent reputation, based on its ability to manage the design and construction of engineering projects, with an emphasis on adhering to budgets and schedules. Over the years, the Group has initiated and developed thousands of residential units and hundreds of thousands of square meters of commercial and office space in Israel, U.S. and Europe. The BSR method has turned thousands of loyal clients into partners and owners of high quality real estate properties that yield high returns. The Group has completed over 50 large and complex projects, including residential towers, offices and commercial buildings. Among the successfully populated projects include: The B.S.R. Alon Towers which is a 50% partnership with the Migdal and Harel Insurance companies, the Bronze Towers – “Park Tzameret Tel Aviv” – Roughly 300 luxury apartments in two 29-story towers. B.S.R. Towers 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Ramat-Gan and Bnei Brak, Toyota Tower in Tel-Aviv, Gibor Sport Tower in Ramat-Gan, office buildings in Ramat Ha’Hayal in Tel-Aviv, Manhattan Tower in Park Tzameret in Tel-Aviv, B.S.R. B’Yavne HaYeroka – 270 apartments, B.S.R. Borochov Givatayim – 2 residential towers with 156 apartments, residential buildings in North Tel-Baruch, Azorei Hen, Hod Ha’Sharon, the Bavli neighborhood and Neot Afeka, among others. The main projects currently underway are the Suzuki Tower in Tel Aviv (offices), the Rom Tower in Tel Aviv (a prestigious residential project), the Icon Tower at the Diamond Exchange complex (offices), the Next TLV project on LaGuardia Street in Tel Aviv, B.S.R. City complex – 4 office towers with an area of ​​200,000 square meters (offices and commercial). Urban renewal: B.S.R. is proud to expand its activities into the urban renewal field with large-scale projects of renovation and construction, in which 2,000 housing units are currently being developed and will contribute to changing the character of the older neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and the Dan Region. The Group has also taken an active part in the “Adopt a Combat Soldier” project for the past 10 years, which includes adopting the Egoz Elite Unit of the IDF.

Pizza Prego started out more than two decades ago and quickly earned a reputation due to their success thanks to their unbelievable pizza which is meticulously produced with quality dough, rich sauce (secret from the Italian kitchen) and 100% fine Mozzarella cheese. Due to its smashing success, additional branches were opened throughout Israel making it the leading pizza chain in the country. The Prego Pizza chain is the market leader in the level of quality and service. The network of restaurants is managed with the highest skill and pays attention to the most minute detail. Along with it’s delicious pizzas, a wide range of unique flavors from around the world can be enjoyed that will please the Israeli palate.

The Kopell Group was founded in 1999 and provides services and agreements to members in a number areas. The Group provides services for the following three brands. Start Car is the first of its kind for automobile services. The Group provides services through 1,364 insurance agents and to over 250,000 customers who have become members in order to receive automobile services such as towing, broken windshield, temporary car replacement, radio/CD theft, tire changes and emergency fuel through 220 service providers, 24 hours a day across the country thorough a 24/7 call center. Electro Kopell provides repair services for electronic appliances at home or in the office. Customers who purchase a yearly membership will have the peace of mind that any appliance that needs to be fixed can be repaired by a technician, by making an appointment in advance. For a fee of 150 ₪ all new and replacement parts will be included. The “In with the New, Out with the Old” plan will provide the customer with a brand new product if the old one could not be repaired. Smart Kopell is a yearly membership providing mobile phone repair service at over 120 locations across the country, and a repair guarantee within two hours for a predetermined fee.

ISSTA Israel is the country’s largest travel company with 45 branches, including 10 that are also on university and college campuses across the nation. ISSTA Israel provides services for tourism both domestically and internationally that includes flights, charters, vacation packages, organized tours, ski vacations, sports and music as well as other services including hotels, car rentals, visas and student tickets. Preferential treatment and priority is given to ISSTA by the airlines and various suppliers due to the company’s size and sales force and this is reflected in providing attractive prices and unique services to its customers.

For more 28 years, Fritz is the leader of the supply chain market in the areas of international shipping and logistics. We are strategically partnered with international shipping giant FedEx Trade Networks, and harness the power of advanced logistics and commerce at your service, anywhere in the world. This power is translated into a comprehensive set of solution for managing your supply chain, from a deep understanding of today’s dynamic environment – an environment in which companies focus more on development, marketing and sales, and less on complex logistics’ management. As part of our supply chain management capabilities, we offer customers a wide range of international shipping solutions, solutions for special projects, storage and inventory management services, value-added services, as well as transportation and insurance. We are flexible and can meet any demand for an entire supply chain or parts of it – according to your needs. We handle the supply chain through advanced IT systems, with approximately 1,100 employees at 5 offices and 4 logistics centers with a total area of 45,000sqm, from north to south.

“Profit” Financial Services is one of the largest and most professional insurance, pension and finance groups in Israel, with over 150 agents and institutionally licensed financial planners and managed client assets totalling over NIS 6 billion.
“Profit”‘s area of expertise lies in pension and financial planning on a personal level, including individuals, businesses and organisations. In light of the vast experience, professionalism and unique holistic approach of their devoted team of agents, “Profit” firmly believes that the services provided are unparalleled anywhere in the Israeli financial market.
At “Profit” clients are offered a unique range of insurance solutions whose provisions are among the best to be found anywhere in Israel and together with their extensive work with the widest range of clientele, enables them to offer the best possible coverage at the most attractive prices.