Special project ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2024: Several first team players including Ofir Davidzada, Idan Nachmias, Ido Shahar and Matan Baltaxa , joined together in a remembrance project called “Their words, our commemoration” in which they read passages of text written by Jewish victims of the Holocaust who were murdered by the Nazis.

Ofir Davidzada reads part of the Exodus poem written by Benjamin Fondane after. He was arrested with his sister in March 1944 as the two siblings were deported to the Drancy camp. Despite having an option to be released, Fondane refused to be separated from his sister and was sent to Auschwitz – Birkenau where they were both murdered.

Idan Nachmias read from a farewell letter written by Srul Shaya Kalezyk that was found in the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1965.

Ido Shahar recited a passage from the diary of 16-year-old Yitskhok Rudashevski from Vilnius. Between June 1941 and April 1943, Rudashevski detailed the hardship of life in the Vilnius ghetto. He was shot dead in the Ponary massacre during the liquidation of the ghetto in September–October 1943


Matan Baltaxa reads from Aharon Livrent’s final letter he wrote his daughter Bret and son Simon from a carriage of one of transport trains to France.