Benny Tabak, in his youth star player at Maccabi Tel Aviv, has been appointed the club's first team Manager starting next season

Maccabi Tel Aviv FC are pleased to announce the appointment of former Maccabi star Benny Tabak as the club's new first team manager. Tabak made his first appearance for the club at the very young age of sixteen in 1972. By the time he left the club seventeen years later he had scored 121 league goals, making him Maccabi's third all-time highest goal scorer. After his retirement from active play Tabak served as coach at several other clubs around the country, as well as professional manager of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Division between the years 2003 and 2008. He had this to say to the official Maccabi Tel Aviv website: "It is a great honour to return to Maccabi Tel Aviv. I look forward to taking on the challenge of my new post as the club's first team manager and hope I can live up to the expectations such a role carries with it at the club".