As part of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club’s joint programming with communities throughout the country, a special event was held at the Kiryat Shalom Training Facility this past Friday for children living within the Gaza Periphery.

Chen Abdu, the educational consultant for Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Youth Department spoke about the activities that took place this past weekend: “We hosted a football school from the Gaza periphery that consisted of three Kibbutzim: Ruhama, Or HaNer and Dorot. 40 children between the ages of 5-12 participated in the training session run by Maccabi’s football school where they also had a tour of the facility and received a gift from the club.”

This is the second time that this same school visited Kiryat Shalom and the encounter proved to a highlight for the children living in the south of the country. The first time the two schools met for a joint program was just before the Tzuk Eitan operation.