Peter Bosz, Maccabi Tel Aviv’s boss summed up the 1:1 draw his club came up with in their first visit to Hapoel Beer Sheva’s brand new Turner Stadium on Matchday 28 of the WNNER League Championship Playoff round. The coach spoke about his expectations prior to the match, who the better team is and how he saw the game play out before his eyes:

בוס ואלברמן מסכמים את המשחק נגד הפועל ב”ש

“We may not have scored in the second half but we controlled the tempo of the match, we had some small chances but not enough as Beer Sheva changed up the match but at the end of the day I’m happy with the draw. We scored a fantastic goal in the first half. Before the match we said that if we drew we would still control our own destiny. We had a tough time as they played very aggressively but we still controlled the pace of the game.”

About the club’s confidence:

“They are still one point ahead but our confidence is pretty good with our first draw in a long time but their third draw in a row. I think that we have a good team and we played well.”

On the expectations of the match:

“It was a totally new experience for me so I didn’t really know what to expect but I was happy with how the players performed. It’s a fantastic stadium with a terrific atmosphere but we still were able to keep cool and calm and we played well. We showed them in their stadium that we are a good team.”

About Eran Zahavi:

“Eran is very important for us but he was sick the whole week and couldn’t train with us. He was not physically in the best shape. But he had to play.”

Who is the better club:

“I would need to have a crystal ball as to know who will win the championship. We have progressed and played good football over the last few weeks. We will only know at the end of the year as the Champion is usually the best team.”

Only one substitute in the match:

“I felt we played well and I was hoping that Barak Itzhaki was going to win the match as he could’ve really changed it up but I didn’t feel that I needed to make other substitutes.”