Barak Itzhaki, the Yellow & Blue number 10 is preparing for the club’s crucial Matchday 36 WINNER League Championship Playoff contest this Saturday evening at 21:00. The striker didn’t want to look ahead to the State Cup Final match against the same Haifa side and talked about what they need to do and what they hope will happen when Beer Sheva hosts Bnei Sakhnin:

“Unfortunately, our destiny isn’t in our own hands but we will go into the next match to win and to make sure we do what we have to. A draw won’t be enough for Beer Sheva when they play Sakhnin.”

On the club scoring a pair of goals last match:

“We knew that at some point the balls would begin going into the goal. It’s the end of the season and we have to focus on the last match, make sure we do what we need to prepare properly and then wait until next week.”

About the Beer Sheva/Bnei Sakhnin game:

“I don’t believe that there is any club in the country that wouldn’t want to play the best that they can and I believe that Bnei Sakhnin will go into the match ready to go. They will want to show good sportsmanship and play to win.”

The State Cup:

“The State Cup doesn’t interest me right now. We have a big game on Saturday against Maccabi Haifa and we will see what the result will be in Beer Sheva and only after that will we start preparing for the State Cup.”