Eyal Golasa, 10 years old

Where did you live?
“In Bat Hefer”

What school did you go to?
“I went to S’dot Bat Hefer. It was a small school and everyone knew each other, it was like a family.”

What subject did you like the most and the least?
“I really enjoyed Tanach (Bible Study) and math. Tanach really spoke to me because of the stories and subject matter. I was excellent in math. Geography and history were a couple ones that I didn’t enjoy much.”

Who was your best friend?
“I always had many friends. There are about 5-6 friends that I am still in touch with today. We were very close and I’m happy that we remained this way.”

Which club did you support?
“I didn’t really have a team that I supported in Israel, but I loved Barcelona in Spain.”

Who was your favorite player?
“I really liked Ronaldinho, but my favorite was Deco, who played the same position as I play now. In my eyes these were two of the greats.”

What did you do in your spare time?
“Of course I played PlayStation. Today I usually play with FIFA but back then Pro Evolution was king. I liked to play with Barcelona but I also enjoyed playing with Inter. It was fun playing with them.”

Did you have an animal at home?
“Ever since I was a boy I’ve had a dog. When I was ten I had a boxer named Jesse.”

What other sports did you enjoy?
“I really liked tennis. I wasn’t in an after school program but once or twice a week I would play. Singles or doubles with friends.”

What type of music did you like?
“I enjoyed all different types, both from Israel and from around the world. If I had to choose then it would be Mashina.”

Which TV show did you enjoy?
“There were a lot of good ones. I liked Moomin, Arthur along with Dennis the Menace. They were all great.”