Yellow-and-Blue Head Coach Peter Bosz is readying his side for the first of two WINNER League Playoff matches against Hapoel Beer Sheva at Turner Stadium this Sunday evening March 20th at 20:55. Though this match will not decide the Championship, Bosz will attempt to find the winning formula to move into first place in this top of the table clash:

מסיבת העיתונאים לקראת הפועל ב”ש

“I think every game we play until the end of the season is crucial. This game is not final and if we win or lose it’s still not the final result. There are still plenty of games left in the season. It’s an important game and so are the other 8 games after this game.”

Coming into the match in good form:

“Everyone understands that it’s better to come into this game winning and not drawing. But it’s an away game for us and it’s important that we have been playing well prior to this match.”בוס

About the type of match one can expect Sunday:

“As a player these are the best games to play in. I can tell the players what to expect and help them but at the end of the day it’s up to the players to perform on the pitch.”

The critical loss of Tal Ben Chaim for Sunday’s match and the potential formation:

“That’s for sure, but you will see on Sunday. Things can change and I always think about surprises.”

Injury status of Avi Rikan, Omri Ben Haursh and Nosa Igiebor:

“Avi and Omri will be training with us today and we will see how they are doing. Nosa will not train with us but will be training on the side.”

Are you afraid before facing Hapoel Beer Sheva:

“No. Why be afraid. They have a good team and you must always respect your opponent, but why be afraid. I have a lot of respect for them.”

On the Israel National Team not selecting captain Tal Ben Haim for the upcoming Croatia friendly:

“I’m not the one who selects the players for Israel but my opinion is that Tal Ben Haim is a fantastic defender. He hasn’t played the last few weeks as he was coming off an injury after having played the first bunch of games for me. He played well for the 90 minutes in the Cup game. Since he has been so important for the country for so long I would have selected him but I am not the one who makes the decisions for the National Team”

The lengthy season:

“I think every country has the same problem when it comes to National teams. The players with Maccabi began this year in the middle of June and didn’t have off in December. The players have played 46-47 games this year and that’s a lot. They have to have a few weeks off in the summer for a break or else there will be injuries. They need rest. Remember Maccabi also represented the country in Europe. If we need to start our season on June 30th in the Europa League they will need to begin training June 14th, they need time off.”