Tel Ben Chaim scored his 9th WINNER League goal of the year last evening and it was one of the best strikes of the season in helping defeat Hapoel Raanana 3:0 at Bloomfield Stadium. The winger spoke about how this match may not have been one of their best, but how taking three points in crucial for the ultimate goal:

“It was a tough match but I’m happy that we were able to make sure we scored the goals and not give up any as they had plenty of quality chances. We also have to be honest with ourselves, that this was not one of our best matches. Rajikovic was terrific and saved some sure goals. At the end of the day we won 3:0 but most importantly we took three points. I’ve got to say that against Sakhnin where we won 1:0, we looked much better and played as a team.”

בוס לאחר הניצחון על הפועל רעננה

His form this season:

“It may sound cliche, but the goals in front of us as a club interest me much more and how I am doing as individual is the last thing that I care about right now.”

About picking up a yellow card:

“I can try a bit harder to make sure I don’t get a yellow card like I did. It’s clear that I could’ve avoided it and I spoke to the referee after the match about how it was a yellow, but he could’ve looked the other way. He agreed, but it’s ok, he’s a great referee.”


The possibility of going to Europe:

“These questions always come up after good games near the end of the season. I signed a new contract here at the beginning of the year and it’s an excellent one for me. If you would have asked this question three years ago when I came to Maccabi, I probably would have said that I have to play outside of Israel one day. Today, I don’t even look at it that way. I believe I play for a magnificent club in all respects. With what’s going on in Maccabi these days, if one had thought about playing in Europe there’s no way now one would not want to be here. I’m in a place that’s good for me right now and we will see down the line.”

The Beer Sheva – Beitar Jerusalem match:

“It’s a simple equation. There are two teams fighting for the title and you want your rival to drop points. It doesn’t matter if it’s against you, Beitar Jerusalem, Hapoel Raanana or any other club. So sure, I’d be thrilled if Beitar wins or if the match ends in a draw.”

Leaving Bloomfield:

“Everyone knows what Bloomfield means to us. There are a lot of great stadiums in the country but I don’t think that there are many that gives us what this stadium does.”