New head coach, Paulo Sousa, has given his first exclusive interview to the official Maccabi Tel Aviv website and shared some of his more intimate thoughts: "The fans deserve quality football"

Maccabi Tel Aviv's new head coach, Paulo Sousa, has just finished his first week at the helm and seems already to have got a good grasp of the club, the media and the large crowd of fans who arrived at the team's first open practice. In his maiden interview in Israel he explains to the official Maccabi website just exactly who is Paulo Sousa the coach: "I'm very demanding of my players, I insist they concentrate on the tasks they're given as part of the team effort and to respect their opponents. I learned the art of coaching at university, I learned about a variety of coaching systems and I've coached at all the big clubs in Europe, that's where I got a chance to see how those systems work, how to manage them and what they envision. I invested a great deal of my life in order to be prepared for my mission and to get results from it".

Sousa is already looking ahead, not only to the upcoming matches in Europe, not even just to the upcoming season: "I don't see my vision so much as a project, more like a process. A project has a beginning and an end, a process has a beginning but it never really finishes. This is a massive club, with a massive fan base and they deserve quality football. That's what I want to give them and I know I can". Watch the interview.