The Youth Department has opened up a new season along with the brand new MTA Academy Section on the club’s official website. All of the latest news, results, match reports, video clips, special projects and more will be updated on a regular basis for the fans. In addition, the fans and players from all of the Youth Department Clubs will he able to enjoy all kinds of great information including: scouting, education, sports science, health & medical and much more.

The Club’s Performance Director Patrick van Leeuwen has been responsible for the brand new section and of course the changes that have occurred across the Youth Department explained the importance about having a platform that can share as much information as possible and that can be interactive with the fans: “I believe that the new website is very important for the players and our fans as well as for all of the young footballers across the country who will be able to access Maccabi Tel Aviv’s professional website. It will be interesting to read about the Youth Department and about the coaches along with all of the other activities that take place. Training sessions, match reports or watching the goals of the week will all be available to the fans. We want to provide as much content as possible so the general public will be aware of our programs and also take part in learning more about us. In the future, the website will become even more interactive between the club and the fans.

We are developing many projects and programs. The Club’s scouting activities and opportunities for children to show off their abilities will also be available along with information about the various football schools and the fact that they will now not only be training but also playing matches. The MTA Academy Website is the perfect place to read up on all of the latest news and activities of the Youth Department.”