“As soon as the foreign players left and the sirens began to sound, the coaching staff gathered us and gave us the real confidence we needed in order to be prepared. The players here gave their hearts and in real football, especially at matches like that, the heart is the most significant. I am so proud of my teammates as this victory belongs to them. I saw lions behind me, and we see lions behind you you know that you are in a good place – I am proud in every single one of them”.

The 34-year-old whose goals earned Maccabi a place in the final, added: “Maccabi is a very strong club that gives you all the conditions in order to succeed” the veteran striker added, “Even at times that are not so pleasant we have an extremely strong dressing room that experienced a lot this season. We have here a great team and a great club. We spoke between us prior to the game that in football you don’t reach these moments too often. We needed to pick each other up. Now that we have reached the final it is nice, but worth nothing as the most important thing is to actually win the Cup”