The Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Foundation continued its’ community work during the war in the South and North of Israel as this week Eyal Golasa and Roi Mishpati visited soldiers who were injured in action.

Golasa and Mishpati visited the Beilnson hospital at Rabin Medical center and met with Omer and Roei who are soldiers from the same military unit and friends from their national service. The duo went into Gaza together, fought side by side and were injured during battle. During the visit, the two soldiers handed Golasa a set of Tefillin they carried with them throughout their duty in Gaza and despite the fierce fighting and injuries, carried it back from the battlefield.

We also met with Yitzhak, a soldier from a combat unit who made Aliya from Chicago as part of Garin Tzabar – a program that facilitates service in the IDF with a support system for Israelis and diaspora Jews who do not have parents in Israel. The October 7th ‘Black Sabbath’ caught Yitzhak in Chicago where he spent a short holiday with his family, but he was quick to hop on a plane and report for duty. Finally we visited Itamar, a Maccabi fan from Gate 11 who was also injured during in the Gaza strip. Golasa and Mishpati visited Itamar and presented him with a match-worn shirt from the victory over Zorya in the Conference League.