What are the Season Ticket renewal and sale dates:

  • June 27th – July 8th: The renewal period for the 2021/22 Season Ticket holders.
  • July 15th – July 21st: Sale period for FOREVER members who didn’t have a Season Ticket during the 21/22 season will begin July 15th at July 21st at 12:00.
    (Wish to be the first to join-in at the Bloomfield stadium fever and didn’t have a subscription during the 21/22 season Click here to join the membership scheme)
  • In the event that seats remain available for sale of Season Tickets to the general public (who didn’t have a FOREVER membership) – a message will be published in due course.

How do I renew / purchase a season ticket subscription?
Recommended! The Season Ticket Subscriber Area on the website – The easiest and fastest way to renew and purchase subscriptions. Make sure you have your user name and password available at the time of purchase In the event that the username and password are not available, please contact via a WhatsApp message on 050-3002526 submitting the Season Ticket number and an ID number.

Attention: The ‘Leanne’ call centre *8778: In light of the high volume expected at the call centre, standby time could be longer than usual.

Service centre at Bloomfield stadium (Gates 10-11).

Opening hours for the call and service centres:
Weekdays from 09:00-17:00 and Friday from 9:00-13:00.
* Renewal / purchase of the subscription via the internet or phone entails an additional 5 NIS charge.

What information needs to be presented?
Subscription number from the 2021/22 season (renewals only).
ID Card (Teudat Zehut).
Complete personal information: Address, Email, D.O.B, Mobile number

What are the benefits of FOREVER \ FOREVER +?
This is the fourth year in succession that Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club will operate an Exclusive Membership club. FOREVER has two levels of membership at different costs with various levels of benefits respectively – FOREVER and FOREVER+. Concessions, benefits, presents and exclusive activities for the members as well as priority in purchasing Away Tickets in high demand together with accumulating double points for FOREVER+ members in the away tickets point scheme. To the full list of benefits please click here

I didn’t own a subscription during the 21/22 season, when and how can I purchase a Season Ticket?
In the event you didn’t own a 21/22 Season Ticket, you can’t purchase a Season Ticket during the renewal period. The sale of Season Tickets to new members will begin on July 14th for FOREVER members only, who will also enjoy a 5% discount. To join FOREVER please click here.

What matches are included in the Season Ticket and Can I keep my location for non-subscription based home matches (Europe, State Cup and Toto Cup)?
The 2022/23 Season Ticket provides access to Maccabi Tel Aviv’s League home matches only. In view of the sanctions the club incurred from the IFA Disciplinary Court, Gates 10-11 will be closed for the first home match of the season against Maccabi Bnei Reine. As a result, a Season Ticket holder for those stands doesn’t include the above mentioned match. Details regarding the sale of tickets for Season Ticket holders for the match in question will be published at a later stage.
For matches in other competitions efforts will be made to enable the Season Ticket holder purchase a ticket to their designated seat, within the limitations available.

What is Re-Sale?
Purchased a Season Ticket and for some reason can’t attend a match? As of this season and during some matches, you can make your seat available for purchase by clicking a button – and receive the money back into your credit card. 

I am renewing my Season Ticket and interested in changing the location in the stadium. What must I do?
Changing your seat will be exclusively allowed to FOREVER members only. In such an event you must renew your Season Ticket before entering the following link.
Dealing with such requests will begin on July 10th and will be dealt with according to the order of registration.
The club will act to the best of its’ ability to answer all the requests according to the current situation, however, registration does not guarantee a change of seat in the stadium. Maccabi Tel Aviv FC reserves the right not to acknowledge every request for any reason the club sees right.

Please note! Season Ticket holders who will not renew their subscription by Friday July 8th at 12:00 will not be able to change their location at the stadium and would lose their right for a 2022/23 Season Ticket.

We are a group of 3 friends and wish to relocate. Must we all be FOREVER members?
Yes, a relocation of every Season Ticket holder is pending on a personal FOREVER membership. Only Season Ticket holders with a FOREVER membership could enjoy the benefit of relocation in the stadium.

Will the points that I had accumulated as part of the points allocation system be retained?
The points allocation system will continue this season as well. A reminder that the allocation point system is valid for 3 years, from the moments they are accumulated.
For example: if you accumulate 3 points on 21.02.19, they will be valid until 21.02.21 at which point those 3 points will be eliminated from your account.

Please note that members of FOREVER + receive double points. For additional benefits of FOREVER+ members please click here.

A reminder: A Season Ticket holder earns full points while those who aren’t season ticket subscribers earns half the points.

For example: If you are not a season ticket holder purchased a ticket for a match worth 3 points and has a FOREVER membership they will accumulate 1.5 points. If the same fan has FOREVER+ membership, he will accumulate the full 3 points (2 x 1.5). If the fan is a season ticket subscriber and a member of the FOREVER +, they will earn 6 points.

How do I receive my Season Ticket?
Last season Maccabi Tel Aviv launched the Digital Season Ticket and as a result we will not send you the old plastic season ticket card. Today, all you have to do to enter a Maccabi match is simply to arrive at Bloomfield stadium with your mobile phone – and that is it! In order to enter your personal section on the Club’s Official App simply click on ‘My Season Ticket’ and submit at your ‘Leaan’ account your entry details (Username and Password). If you don’t know or remember your details please send your Season Ticket number, and ID number to the Leann WhatsApp number 050-3002526).

Can I cancel my season ticket subscription?
In accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (2010), the cancellation fee is at a rate of 5% of the transaction price or NIS 100 – whichever is lower. Cancelation will be possible in up to 5 working days before Maccabi Tel Aviv first league match.

Can the ownership of the Season Ticket be transferred?
No. the ownership of the Season Ticket cannot be transferred.