For the past 22 years under the management of Ofer Dekel, the MTA Football School North at Tel Aviv University boasts up-to-date pitches that now serve as the home field of play for both the school and the Youth League teams of Maccabi Tel Aviv North. At the training complex there are also artificial grass pitches of various sizes, as well as footballtennis (futnet) and jorkyball courts. The Football School North is where future players are nurtured for the Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Division and senior teams.

Football School activities include training, participation in competitions and a wide variety of additional activities, all conducted in coordination with and under the full supervision of the MTA Youth Division under the professional management of the Division’s director of football, Nir Levin. The goal of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Football School North is to provide children with the proper foundation and the best possible professional fundamentals in order to prepare them for becoming top quality players in the Israeli Premier League. But also those children whose futures do not lie in professional sport will find their development of equal importance to the club and the Youth Division’s professional staff, who see in them the Maccabi Tel Aviv fans of the future.

Children attending the Maccabi Tel Aviv Football School North range in age from 4 (born in 2010) to 15 (born in 1999).

Season 2014/15 training sessions at the MTA Football School North will begin on September 1st and conclude at the end of June 2015.

School hours:

Sunday to Thursday 4 to 7pm


Registration for the 2014/15 season has now begun and whoever does so before July 31st will receive a 10% discount. August registrants will receive a reduced discount of 5%.

For details and registration click here

You can also register by phone:

Ofer Dekel – 052-2436402

Alon Tweeg – 052-3700000

Registration will also be possible after the start of the school’s activities on September 1st between the hours of 4 and 7pm.