Stars of the "Hot" television series "Goalstar" arrived early to the Derby to play in "Every Match is an Experience"

By now many of our fans have made a habit of arriving early at Bloomfield Stadium for Maccabi Tel Aviv home matches so they can take part in all the different activities held under the banner of "Every Match is an Experience". Before last Monday's glorious Derby triumph over Hapoel Tel Aviv, those fans were surprised to see there some very special guests – stars of the cult series "Goalstar" on "Hot" television. After having proven their footballing skills on the telly, the screen stars now came back to Bloomfield to demonstrate those sporting skills all over again. Harel Slotsky, Ofer Domingez, Tom Kashti and Dor Daniel all arrived early so they could play a round of "Snooker Table", a game of snooker played on a huge table with a slight change in the rules – instead of using a snooker cue you use your feet! And don't think just because "Snooker Table" is a friendly game our "Goalstar" guests didn't take it seriously. Many a discussion raged about the rules of the game, demonstrating once again how "professional" they really are.

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