Hi Bloomfield,

Truthfully, I really don’t know why everything has to be remodeled. It seems to be the latest trend in Tel Aviv, Plan 38 and you’ve also got to get in line for the same treatment.

Everyone wants a shiny brand new facility that’s bombastic, innovative and with the latest in technology. Bloomfield isn’t interested in all of this. All that I ever wanted was a roof built over Section 7. Today, I would give up on it. Look back at the Bordeaux match and see what we missed. I remember how I stood the whole match in the soaking wet rain, with my head straight up trying to find the right angle to see the match through the many black, yellow and blue umbrellas. I tried to view the pitch as best as possible, focusing on the wings where we never quite knew how to cross the ball properly into the box and then yell for a penalty when the ball got to the center even if we didn’t see it well enough to know for sure.MTA__1386880473__IR_0363_(Medium)

There were plenty of days when we sat in your seats and it was very hot. Even when it was cold we were hot, when we were wet, we were hot as well, just as when we won and lost we were hot too. All of the fans were there talking about tactics and more. It was always easy to get to you, simple to leave as you were out best friend in Tel Aviv that made sure we’d fill a parking lot. It was if the parking spots were the size of a heart and you had the biggest one of them all. Stadiums newer than you and bigger than you didn’t know how to give back like you did. The great views of the pitch, the atmosphere along with the proximity of the fans to the field of play. The sounds that you created was chilling for any fan, coach and commentator in the stadium, even Moshe Primo.

Now we’re leaving you for three years but our heart will always remain with you. On Saturday, we play Maccabi Haifa in a frenzied excitement. Not just because of the chance to win the championship. Titles come and go, it gives us a thrill for a short while, sometimes for us and sometimes for others and just a few years back even the Greens. But you? You’re always with us. For, Saturday to Saturday (or from Monday to Monday).

Farewell to Bloomfield for the near future. But I have one request – when you get a bit bigger and a little more luxurious, and business people and politicians will look at you as the “IN” thing for this country’s sports scene, don’t forget about the modesty that we loved so much. Make sure you still keep that warmth, the closeness and the true feeling of home along with some parking as well. Try to keep those things that make you, you. We’ll be back. Stronger and louder, giving you our all to send Jaffa into the sky.

Yours truly,

Yuval, Section 7