Dor Peretz, Maccabi’s young up and coming talent discussed the Club’s 1:0 victory over Hungarian side Paksi FC at their Austria training camp. Number 42 spoke about the camp thus far, working with the new coach Shota Arveladze, playing as a central and right defender and of course coming together as a team:

“We feel that we are getting better as to how we played and our fitness. This was the last game before our first match in Europe and little by little we are becoming more of a team even though most of us are the same as last year it’s a brand new season. We hope we will come into the first match as prepared as possible.”

On changes in the squad:

“There’s no question that there has been a big change in the squad as he (Eran Zahavi) was a a great and deserves a ton of respect, but in football things change very quickly and other players come and take their places.”

Summing up training camp so far:

“We feel great and we are really coming together as club with a new coach who has specific things that he wants us to do and we are very comfortable with him. We feel like we are improving at that is what’s most important.”

Working with the new coach:

“He has been working with us on pressing once we lose the ball and even though we be done that before with Maccabi he has really been stressing this with us. He’s also making sure we handle set pieces properly as well as a bunch of other things.”

Playing as a central defender and right back:

“I still haven’t played as a defensive midfielder but the most important thing is that I’ve played and I’ll play in any position it doesn’t matter to me.”

Being ready for the match against Gorica on June 30th:

“We’ll be ready.”