Vladimir Ivic, the Maccabi Tel Aviv Head Coach addressed a number of topics ahead of their Israel Premier League match at Bnei Yehuda on Tuesday night:

“It’s not easy to forget this game especially when it’s the first one that we lost. We all remember this game. We still have more games ahead and we will be prepared for all of them.”

Looking to improve:
“We respect our opponents but we focus on ourselves and our ability. How we will play, how we want to attack and how we want to defend. We always want to improve and that is our goal.”

PAOK winning the Greek League title:
“I worked there and was a footballer there as well. I want to wish congratulations to my former club and they showed that they were the best team in the league.”

About keeper Predrag Rajkovic and defender Eli Dasa:
“They all have challenges and this is life and part of the game. They are both good players and are having good seasons. The fans love them and they are good guys and good players. They have shown their potential and there is still a bit more than a month ahead of us. We will see what will be.”

The possibility that they may leave:
“It’s a possibility and this can happen and we knew that as well at the beginning of the year. We know that there is a financial fair play problem and normally to fix this problem you sell players.”

Potential players for the club:
“We have some players that we like and I spoke to the owner and CEO as well as people who are responsible for this. But I don’t know if it will be possible. I can hope that we will bring a player.”

Progress of the players throughout the season:
“There are players, both Israelis and foreigners who have made big progress. Some of them who were on loan last season took a big step. They showed that with hard work that they can do it.”

Status of keeper Daniel Tenenbaum:
“He will play for sure because he deserves to play. If the players are serious and work hard then they deserve to play. We will see when he will get a chance to play.”

Dor Micha and Aron Schoenfeld’s injury status:
“We hope that Micha will be able to play some minutes tomorrow. Schoenfeld has an issue in a sensitive place in his foot. If he is not ready for tomorrow, then hopefully he will be for the next game.”