Maccabi Tel Aviv FC is proud to announce the unveiling of its’ new Club crest. The new design is a salute to the Club’s glorious history and an embrace of the Club’s current philosophy and direction.

The guiding principles leading to this final design included the club’s values, unique identity, rich heritage, captured in a fresh, clean, contemporary manner, along with the fans’ desire to give a more central expression to ‘The iconic Maccabi logo’.

Maccabi’s owner, Mitch Goldhar, said: “We must respect and protect our club’s history in all it’s glory. But we must not be afraid of change. Change is the path to future glory. I hope we will celebrate much success together under the new Maccabi Tel Aviv FC crest, a symbol of, from where we came and where we are going”. 

Maccabi’s CEO, Sharon Tammam, added: Maccabi is a Club that respects its’ heritage, yet at the same time is always looking forward, striving to win more trophies and achieve new goals and objectives. During the lengthy process of redesigning the crest, we aimed to create something which would both represent Maccabi of the present and the future, but at the same time highlighting the iconic Maccabi symbol that is so important”.

Emphasis was given to a modern clear design that differentiates Maccabi Tel Aviv from other Maccabi club badges, and is suitable for the various digital platforms which require clear prominent and clean lines.

The iconic Maccabi emblem is at the heart of the new crest. This traditional element has been representing the Club throughout its’ extensive history, evoking strong emotions and deep affiliation from the fans.

The letters T and A that appeared in earlier versions, were restored to the front of the crest thus emphasizing the strong affiliation to the city of Tel Aviv.

‘Since 1906’ lettering appears underneath the crest indicating the foundation year of the club, which is the first in Israeli sport.

The elements of the crest are bordered by a complete round Yellow frame. Maccabi Tel Aviv FC is written in English to suit the global world in which the club is operating in, as well as the international competitions it became a regular member at.

On top, the familiar Four Stars, each representing five of the 24 Championships won by Maccabi – the most decorated club in Israeli football.