“A nation that forgets its past has no future”

Maccabi Tel Aviv FC continues to honour its glorious past. For the fifth season in succession and what already became an exciting tradition for you the fans, we are proud to turn the spotlight to a different time in our rich history.

This season we chose to sail back in time to the distant past all the way back to the 30’s of the last century. Days in which Maccabi’s pioneers, began laying the foundations to what is now the largest and most decorated club in Israel. The days before the State of Israel was founded, days in which we have yet to play in Yellow but played in Blue and White as the switch took place only 1942 following the Holocaust. A period when some Maccabi legends like Jerry Beit Halevi made their first footsteps. Members of that generation had to live side-by-side with tragic events before facing the consequences of World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel.

Monday’s league match against Beitar Jerusalem (20:30) will be the highlight as Maccabi’s current players will enter the pitch wearing a retro kit. The kit is a perfect replica for the playing attire the team played with during parts of the 30’s. The entire event will be dedicated to that period of time as some further nostalgic surprises could be found on the night in and around the stadium.

Before reaching Monday, we go back in the time tunnel and dive into the past with a festive of content on the Official Website, the App and the club’s other social media platforms. It is a great opportunity for every true Maccabist, even if born many years afterwards, to dive in and get to know the stories, the people and the football who were part of a period in Maccabi Tel Aviv’s history which is not that known.

Obviously for the merchandise collectors will enjoy an exciting experience thanks to a unique match shirt and a goalkeepers jersey who will, this year, be totally different. The entire collection is already available ONLINE as well as the club’s other official stores. Alongside the Retro shirts, you could enjoy a 30’s stylish Retro Jacket featuring the old club logo at the front. To complete the collection you could find a Blue and White Retro scarf, also featuring an early version of the Maccabi logo.

FOREVER members? A unique coupon code awards you an NIS 20 discount for the retro collection, will be sent to you to be used at the Maccabi official ONLINE store.

Now, make some time for nostalgic walk down memory lane that will take you back in time to the roots of Maccabizm.