The Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Foundation continues its relentless work to boost morale during the war as on Thursday Eran Zahavi and Yonatan Cohen travelled to Eilat where they met with residents of the Gaza strip border communities who were evacuated to the hotels in the southern city.

Maccabi’s players arrived for two intense days during which they are expected to visit 9 hotels in Eilat, meet and have their photos taken with kids from the south. Zahavi and Cohen will hand out official Maccabi gifts and products on behalf of the club.

A moment that placed a smile on the faces of many took place at the tournament for the kids of the Gaza boarder communities which is staged in Eilat. Eran Zahavi surprised all those in attendance as he joined and was happy to have his photo taken with the kids.

Zahavi said: “We met with lots and lots of kids from the Gaza border communities all evacuated here. We were so happy, and we got the impression the kids were happy as well. We have a new day tomorrow and will rest a bit tonight before continuing to visit kids in other places.”

Cohen added: “We just love everyone and embrace everyone during this time: the families, the entire Israeli nation and especially the Israel Defense Forces. We hope everyone joins in as it is our privilege to try make people happy and wish only good for everyone.”