The Maccabi Tel Aviv Foundation continues its’ community activities as on Thursday several first team players joined in to host families who were evacuated from the South of Israel.


Dozens of kids accompanied by their parents from the towns of Sderot and Netiv HaAsara arrived at Bloomfield stadium and enjoyed an extra ordinary experience. The visitors, who had an extensive tour of the stadium, got a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes before, during and after matches. The guests visited the dressing rooms, the Press Conference and even had their photo taken pitch-side.

Gabi Kanichowsky, Dor Peretz and Roi Mishpati hosted and entertained the kids as they signed autographs, had their photos taken with them and handed out official club gifts. Maccabi’s business partner Pizza Prego supplied the lunch to the delight of the kids.

Mishpati, explained what he and his teammates have been doing during this time: “Sadly over the past couple of weeks we have been attending funerals and going to console families whose loved ones were murdered or killed. We are doing whatever we can to try and strengthen the fans of Maccabi and their families. I really hope that we would return to normality as fast as possible, and we would all remain strong.”

On meeting the kids at Bloomfield, Mishpati added: “We met here with some amazing kids from the Gaza border communities. We try and give them as much strength as we possibly can, hear the stories they decide to share with us and feel their pain from the entire situation. I really hope we manage to strengthen them and warm their hearts a little.” The 30-year-old keeper explained the irregular routine both he and his teammates are currently experiencing: “The situation is complex. We are trying to train to the best of our ability in the wake of the sirens which go off every now and then. Our goal is to prepare for our next match against Zorya on November 9th. At the end of our training sessions, we attend funerals, Shiva’as or visit centers where people from Gaza border communities were evacuated to try and cheer kids up. I hope we will return to normality as soon as possible and with god’s will, all the hostages will return home.“

One of the kids visiting Bloomfield was Nehorai of Sderot, who said: “We are grateful for this tour of the stadium. It completely transformed my mood from the difficult situation we all have here. This is by all means a very difficult period of time.” He then shared the tough experience both he and his family endured ever since the war began on October 7th and how they dealt with what had happened.

The Maccabi foundation had several daily activities across the country where Dor Peretz and Daniel Tenenbaum visited families who were evacuated from the South and North of Israel. Youth Academy staff also continued their contribution to the community as they held training sessions for kids in various centers across the country.