Training Facilities

Kiryat Shalom

The Maccabi Tel Aviv PenguinPickUp Training Ground, is located in south Tel Aviv, near the Holon Intersection and on the outskirts of the Kiryat Shalom neighbourhood. The various Maccabi Tel Aviv teams began practising at the complex in the mid 1970’s, starting with the “Avi Cohen” Youth Academy teams, and joined later by the senior team. The facility consists of four pitches that serve all the Maccabi Tel Aviv teams and includes two gyms, treatment rooms and classrooms. The senior team practise at the western facility, near the locker rooms, on an area one and a half times larger than a regular football pitch, with renovated terraces that seat approximately 100 fans.

Not far from the senior team’s training ground is a synthetic pitch, one of the first of its kind in Israel, which serves as the training ground for all the teams in the Maccabi Tel Aviv “Avi Cohen” Youth Academy. At the northern end of the complex is the central pitch of the Youth Division, lined by two terraces with a seating capacity of over 200 and equipped for television broadcasts. The central pitch is used primarily by the Maccabi Tel Aviv Under-19 squad, but the club’s youth teams also make use of the facility. The fourth and smallest of the pitches is the eastern one, used mainly for trainings and frequently for matches of the children’s teams. The Youth Division complex has ten dressing rooms, one of which is used by visiting teams and one extra room for the referees on matchdays. During the 2011/12 season an exercise room was also built on the ground for the use of the entire Youth Division.

Tel Aviv University

2 Klatskin Street (corner Chaim Levanon) Tel Aviv.
The Maccabi Tel Aviv North Football School uses the Tel Aviv University synthetic pitches for both the football school and league matches of Maccabi Tel Aviv North clubs. The training faculty has modernized synthetic grass fields of different sizes along with football-tennis and jorkyball courts. The football school is a hotbed for the Maccabi Tel Aviv Youth Department as some of the club’s current players including Captain Sheran Yeini, Yuval Shpungin, Dor Micha, Dor Peretz, Eliel Peretz all passed through their doors.

Football school activities include training sessions, participation in tournaments and other various programs that aim to provide the children with the best professional foundation to become first class players in the Premier League. Those children who will not pursue a career as professional footballers are just as important and their personal development will be guided by the coaches in the training that they receive. The football school is for children ages 4-16.

Hadar Yosef Sports Center

6 Shalom Bekhor Shitrit, Tel Aviv.
The Maccabi Tel Aviv Football School takes an active role at the National Athletics Stadium in Tel Aviv. There is a large training pitch at the facility for the use of the children as they strive to advance and improve as footballers. The activities at the facility include training sessions, participation in tournaments and various other programs. The Youth Department has set a goal to provide the children with the best professional foundation to become professional footballers in the future.