The Maccabi Tel Aviv “Avi Cohen” Youth Academy has a wide variety of departments with the goal of helping advance and streamline the development of young players. One of those is the Medical Department headed by Snir Konik.

There are 2 physiotherapists, a masseuse and paramedic that work alongside Snir Konik so that the department can give optimal attention to each and every player that requires it, whether they are in the South or North Branches or if they are players on the Under-19 or Under-10 or any team at Maccabi

.As far as the staff is concerned there is no difference between players and they will do their utmost to get them back on the pitch. The Club has given the coaches and players a mandate that training sessions must be as close as possible to match conditions as the role of the department is to make sure that injured or ill players return to action as strong and as healthy as possible in order to minimize the risk of future injuries.

The medical department provides every player in any age group support whether they are ill or injured and will guide them through proper rehabilitation in order to return to training and game action. The department’s role is also to make sure that a player doesn’t return to soon so that the injury won’t reoccur and ensure that they return to their teams stronger than before and ready to train at a level of intensity that is demanded at every training session. When a player is injured, they are not in their routine training sessions and can only return once they will be able to handle the demands that are expected of them.

Players that are in rehabilitation do so in conjunction with the Sports Science Department headed by Dr. Antonio Dello Iacono and use anthropometric monitoring that gives the following player information including, height, weight and other information that help indicate the injury or stress in order to help find the best possible treatment.

In addition, the Club also puts an emphasis on educating the younger generation as one of the roles of the Medical Department is Medical-Sport education. The goal is to change the players’ approach to injuries and pain (from passive to active), taking care of oneself, preparing the body for training or a match, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy body for the next training session.

The department works in full cooperation with the Senior Team’s Medical Department and when necessary can seek medical advice through the Club in order to give the best and most complete treatment as possible.