Maccabi Tel Aviv “Avi Cohen” Youth Academy

Quality before quantity
The Maccabi Tel Aviv “Avi Cohen” Youth Academy sees football development with strong commitment, desire and a fighting spirit from all our players as its highest priority. The aim of the Academy is to develop players and help them advance to the First Team. In addition, the Academy players are provided with the best education in order for them to have the first class moral values both on and off of the pitch. Players accepted to the Academy must meet the standards and requirements of Maccabi Tel Aviv FC.
Academy structure

Academy Positions:

  • Performance Director
  • Assistant Performance Director
  • Academy manager
  • Coaches
  • Administration
  • Education coordinator
  • Scouting
  • Commercial school coaches
  • Sport Science Department

Academy Goals
Maccabi Tel Aviv always sets goals for both the players and coaches at the Youth Academy. The club will do everything in its power to assist them in order to achieve these goals with the expectations that they will give maximum effort in every activity they are involved in.


  • Develop players for Maccabi Tel Aviv’s First Team
  • Develop players for the Israel National Teams
  • Develop players that will be able to play professional football at other clubs and on different professional levels
  • Educate players in order to give them broad exposure both on and off of the pitch

Style of play
Maccabi Tel Aviv’s football philosophy is that all teams start with the same basic formation. Whether a player is at the Under-8 level or Under-19 level, the Academy begins with the same principles from the same basic formation.

The basic formation for all Academy teams is 1:4:3:3. One goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 attackers.

The younger ages at the Academy will play variations of this basic formation 1:4:3:3. There are fewer players on the pitch at lower age groups but they will still play with the same intentions while the goals of the players and coaches are still the same. The variations are 7:7, 8:8 and 9:9.

Training Philosophy
The training philosophy at Maccabi Tel Aviv is aimed to develop players by playing as much football as possible. Training with the ball is done during every session to allow them to experience as many football situations as possible as a team or as an individual. All situations are related from the playing philosophy of 1:4:3:3.

Weekly training processes include:

  • Team training
  • Specific training
  • Line training
  • Elite training

Player Development Process
Maccabi Tel Aviv always gives feedback to the players and parents this is done by having individual meetings (with players and parents for the younger age groups and issuing reports for each player.

Individual assistance for teams, players, coaches and parents
Maccabi Tel Aviv has a psychologist assisting the coaches and players in order for them to reach their potential. The Academy staff attempts to recognize new situations for both players and coaches as soon as possible in order to aid them in their development.

Education Department
Maccabi Tel Aviv has an education coordinator that monitors all activities related to school and study outside of the training realm. The coordinator is in contact with the school to assist the players and the teachers in order that the best education is provided.

The desire to combine football and school is one where we take much pride in helping develop players so they can excel both on and off of the pitch.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Academy teams participate in tournaments both in Israel and abroad. This provides a chance for the players to see how they match up both in their own country and outside of it in order for them to continue to grow and expand their horizons.