I can’t log into my account, what must I do?

You can enter the Season Ticket number or the updated Email address and click on ‘Forgot password’. If you don’t know or remember the details, please send a message with the Season Ticket and ID numbers to the ‘Lean’ WhatsApp number – 050-3002526

I don’t own a Smart Phone. Can I receive a plastic season ticket instead of the digital one?

It is impossible to issue a plastic Season Ticket instead of the digital one. In the event of any specific issue one can approach the service station at the stadium’s box office and the customer service representative will assist in finding a solution.

I am a parent to a kid who doesn’t own a Smart Phone, how will he receive the Season Ticket?

One can connect family members and friends to your account. In order to do so please fill in the document at the following link and after receiving confirmation from ‘Lean’ that the request was dealt with, one can re-enter. Important: One can’t forward a Season Ticket who was linked to one fan and forward to another fan.

My battery ran out. How will I enter the stadium?

First, it is recommended to charge your mobile phone before arrival at the stadium. In the event of a problem, assistance is available from the customer service representative who is situated at the service station at the stadium’s box office.

I have connection problems / can’t connect to the internet at the entrance to the stadium. What must I do?

Before arriving at the stadium it is recommended to sign into an account and open your digital Season ticket in advance. Owners of an IOS mobile? It is highly recommended to save the Season Ticket on the Wallet App to ensure the Season Ticket is easily  available without the need to connect.

I will not be arriving at a specific match that is included in the Season Ticket, can I transfer the season ticket to a friend?

Yes. A ticket of a specific can be transferred under the option of ‘Season Ticket management’ which appears on the ‘Lean’ website.

How to manage the Season Ticket?

1. Log into your personal section at the ‘Lean’ website

2. Click on the Tickets tab on the menu, mark the relevant match and click onto the ‘re-print’ button.

3. As soon as you clicked, the ticket will be sent to your Email and will be automatically withdrawn from your Season Ticket. Attention! If you clicked more than once, the previous ticket will be cancelled and the new ticket you will receive will be the ticket with which you could enter the match.

I have a Season Ticket from the 2019/20 season, can I use it?

Yes, Season ticket holders who have the old Season Tickets from the 2019/20 season and didn’t do any changes (Name or seat) can enter using the card in the forthcoming period. We recommend using the digital Season Ticket in order to enter the stadium.