Maccabi Tel Aviv recorded its second consecutive loss, 1-0 to Bnei Yehuda after a goal by Marinkovic.  A "Color Red" air raid was heard prior to the game at Bloomfield

After a weekend of battle down south, Maccabi Tel Aviv appeared for the game against Bnei Yehuda in the tenth round of the Winner league.  Even before the game began, the players and the fans could feel the tension when a "Color Red" air raid was heard throughout the stadium and rockets flew above.

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Gallery from the game

Right from the start, the game did not have good tidings for the yellow team when Oz Raly completed a move from the right wing with an accurate lift to Marinkovic's head who, in turn, headed it into Eniema's goal, taking the orange team to a 1-0 advantage.  In Minute 26, Dor Micha raised a ball from the right wing to Dabour's head, who bunted it to the corner, but it was intercepted by Aiyenugba.  A minute later, Yeini received the ball in the yellow field, but headed it over the goal.  Bnei Yehuda also attacked and, at Minute 36, a volley on Maccabi's side left Ivaskevicius alone, but Eniema managed to push the ball away.  In the extra time of the first half, a goal by Kolautti was rejected because of an offside call.

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The second half started with yellow pressure.  In Minute 53, Radi shot a ball from the edge of the field, one that Aiyenugba had a hard time saving.  Dor Micha took over the ball and also kicked the rebound that the goalkeeper saved.  The game calmed down until Minute 74, when Gonzalo received the ball in the box and headed it across the post.  Just a minute later, Gonzalo kicked over the goalpost from 20 meters and shortly thereafter, Rafi Dahan got the ball and challenged Aiyenugba, who saved it.  In Minute 80, an offensive by Gonzalo ends with a strong kick over the goalpost.  In Minute 85, Bnei Yehuda could have doubled the score, but Marinkovic negligently missed the goal in a 1:1 rally against Eniema.  Until the game ended and despite 31 yellow attempts, Maccabi failed to achieve a tie score and the game ended with Maccabi Tel Aviv's second consecutive loss.

Next week, Maccabi Tel Aviv will meet Ironi Ramat HaSharon at an away game.

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