At the upcoming home match against Hapoel Haifa, Maccabi Tel Aviv fans in the northern and southern parts of the country will also be able to get to Bloomfield Stadium in subsidised coaches

It looks like becoming a welcome tradition that Maccabi Tel Aviv fans living up north make their way from Haifa and the neighbouring towns known as the "Krayot", from the Galilee and from the Golan to Bloomfield Stadium. This week their southern counterparts will also have the opportunity to board subsidised coaches and enjoy Maccabi Tel Aviv's home tie against Hapoel Haifa. In addition to the traditional departure from the central bus station in Tiberias, making a number of stops on its way to Jaffa, the club have decided to organise an additional coach departing from far-off Nahariya, which will also pass through the "Krayot". Meanwhile southern fans have organised themselves and are also expected to arrive at the home tie against Hapoel Haifa on Sunday at 8.15 P.M.

At the same time ticket sales for the match continue at the "Leann" website and at their ticket offices in the Dizengoff Road, and at the ticket offices at the Kiryat Shalom training grounds, where sales will contyinue into Saturday and evening Sunday from 2 to 4 P.M. Tickets are also available through the special offer by Isracard.

Transportation from the North

Price: N.I.S. 30 (return)


Tiberias central bus station (3.30 P.M.)

Beit She'an central bus station (4.20 P.M.)

Afula central bus station (4.45 P.M.)

Gan Shmuel (5.20 P.M.)

Olga Intersection (5.50 P.M.)

Bloomfield Stadium (6.40 P.M.)

For further information or tickets call Itsik Pikel at 050-3387158 or go to the "Northern Fans" page at Facebook.

Transportation from the South

Price: N.I.S. 30 (return)


Beer Sheva central bus station – 4.45 PM

Bet Kama intersection – 5.15 PM

Kiryat Gat (Plugot intersection) – 5.35 PM

Kastina intersection – 5.50 PM

Kanot intersection – 5.55 PM

Bnei Darom intersection – 6.05 PM

Ashdod intersection (Nir Galim) – 6.10 PM

Yavne interchange – 6.20 PM

Bloomfield Stadium

Return route:

Bloomfield Stadium

Yavne interchange

Ashdod intersection (Nir Galim)

Bnei Darom intersection

Kanot intersection

Kastina intersection

Kiryat Gat (Plugot intersection)

Bet Kama intersection

Netivot (Beit Hagadi intersection)


For further information or tickets  call Uri at 050-6800679 or go to the "Achim Lesemel" page at Facebook.