As the regulation season comes to an end, Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club salute football's greatest fans, their own, with a video clip in their honour

Now the regulation season has come to an end, and the all-important play-offs are about to begin, Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club would like to take a moment out to express their gratitude and admiration for the greatest group of supporters a football club could possibly wish for. Just have a look at the statistics for home ties in the second round of regulation play: Maccabi Tel Aviv have taken all 21 points off their seven home matches and amassed an astounding 27 goals, almost 4 per game, while conceding only 3. Outstanding players, yes. Brilliant management, of course. But with the support of more than 11,000 of you wonderful Maccabi Tel Aviv fans cheering them on at each home game, the job was all that much easier. And fun too! Watch the video.