Maccabi Tel Aviv midfielder Mahran Radi was the latest guest for a "Hang Out" at the club's official Google+ page and answered questions directed to him by the fans. "I enjoy every match" 

Maccabi Tel Aviv's official Google+ page continues to offer fans an opportunity to get better acquainted with the players.  After getting to know Gal Alberman in an exclusive "Hang Out" session from the La Manga training camp last summer, it was now the turn of midfielder Mahran Radi, who came directly from practice for a video chat with MTA fans. Radi, who had not yet had time to end a day of fasting, didn't miss a question and talked about training sessions, the foreign staff and even the possibility of the club qualifying for European competition.

The midfielder, who came to Maccabi after playing for Maccabi Herzliya, Bnei Yehuda, Hapoel Acre and Bnei Sakhnin, described his transition to one of the largest clubs in Israeli football: "It's a very big difference.  We're talking about Maccabi Tel Aviv, which is a big team.  Also, I am fortunate to be able to work with a European staff, and there's an awful lot for me to learn from them".

It was important for Radi to discuss the matter of co-existence, in general and in Israeli football in particular, saying: "I am a religious man and my religion has taught me that every person deserves respect. In football I come to play and  I don’t care where.  Wherever I have played I have always felt that I belonged and I am always committed to the team I play for.  I hope the people who come to see us play will stay focused on the football, and only the football".

Radi concluded: "I'm very happy and I enjoy every game where I see the fans supporting and encouraging us. After the match in Beer Sheva I heard the cheering and the support of the fans and I was very moved by that.  If we're going to make it through the whole marathon of the season, we're all going to have to stand together".