Maccabi Tel Aviv’s central defender Carlos Garcia was the star of the show against Hapoel Tel Aviv as his header goal off of a Nikola Mitrovic corner proved to be the game winner. Number 31 discussed how great he felt after scoring, about playing with Maccabi and the meaning of the word team:

יוקאנוביץ’ וקרלוס לאחר הניצחון בדרבי

“I’m very happy and proud of my team, what else can I ask. It was a perfect night for us as it’s never easy to win a Derby 1:0. This is like the finals and we had to win it especially after last game it was a great present for our fans.”

On enjoying the goal:

“I never know if I’ll ever score in another Derby, so it was time to enjoy and celebrate with the fans. Now we have to look at next game against Porto, but that’s football.”

Hard work:

“I don’t need to say anything about the beginning of the year, I think we all know what went on. But my family has always taught me to keep working and I’ve worked hard when I’m happy and when I’m not. After working hard it’s things like today that will happen. I’m not lucky, it’s all up to hard work.”

The support he’s gotten:

“This is the first time I’ve left my country and I feel the people at Maccabi and all around the club love and support me. Especially my wife. This is also for my teammates who always supported me when I was having difficulties. Sometimes people don’t have to speak they just have to touch me to keep my spirits up.”

On playing as a team:

“I’m very proud of the team and it’s not just a group of players, we are really a team. After a loss we come together and play more compact and we play together, one helping the other. Play together and fight until the end. Only when the referee whistles at the end of the game is it over and we have to work the whole game through.”

Is Maccabi’s effort enough against Porto:

“It’s never enough, we have to always perform. We have to always find a way to win. Maccabi has to keep getting better. If we win only 1:0 it’s never enough, a draw also. We have to play a perfect game and we are ready to do it with our fans.”

Maccabi’s biggest fan in Spain:

“Juan Pablo is the biggest Maccabi fan in Spain. He was happier than me when I played in Porto and he keeps cheering me on. He said you’re going to win the Derby and he pushes all of us. He’s a great person, we miss him dearly as a person.”