Eran Zahavi, the Maccabi Tel Aviv Captain discussed what happened after his side’s match against Bnei Sakhnin away at Doha Stadium on Matchday 32 of the WINNER League:

בוס לאחר המשחק נגד בני סכנין

“This was a disgrace as to what happened after the game and we had to take care of ourselves following the match as security didn’t do their job and some people hit our players. Thankfully we had our own security with us. All in all, it was an embarrassment and a disgrace to football.”

Zahavi continued:

“There were people who ran onto the pitch and started going after some of the players including Shlomi Azulay and the security just weren’t able to handle what was going on. These types of things should have been dealt with in a minute.”

Was this a reaction to Thursday’s State Cup contest:

“For sure, the stuff that went on after Thursday’s match definitely influenced what happened after the match here. This was one big disgrace.”

On the match itself and the battle for the Championship:

“The gap widened and we played well tonight as we had lots of chances but we couldn’t find the back of the goal. If anyone thinks this race is over they’re mistaken. We will fight until the last second when there will be the final whistle. I’m sure we will do what we need to over the next four matches. I’m proud of my club.”