Gal Alberman, the Yellow & Blue defensive midfielder is getting ready for the first official match of the 2016/17 season when his side takes on Slovenian outfit Gorica in first round Europa League action. Number 6 spoke about the move from Bloomfield to Netanya along with the narrowing of the European football gap and also wished Eran Zahavi the best:

“It’s not an easy day for us and for his former teammates. But every transfer window we knew something like this could happen. We are very happy for him and we hope that he will succeed in his new home. He will continue on his way and we will continue on our way.”


“We should not consider ourselves as favorites but we must work hard and do what we need to do to reach the upper echelons once again.”

The club’s focus:

“Right now tomorrow’s match is what we are focussing on and we will see what happens along the way but we are strong club and will continue on.”



“We are used to changes. We’ve had new coaches every year and players come and go. The club is strong and that is what is most important.”

Netanya move:

“We still haven’t had an official home match in Netanya so I’ll need to see after a few games how it will be in place of Bloomfield.”

About Benayoun:

“Yossi Benayoun has looked like a hungry player who can help us all year long and that’s why Maccabi signed him.”

European football:

“The gap in European football has definitely gotten tighter. It doesn’t matter who we are playing we have to concentrate and make sure that are ready.”