The Club will design, produce and manufacture its own Sportswear line to best meet the needs of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s players and fans. Following on from the redevelopment of the Club’s Official Website, launch of the Official App, opening of three Official Stores and the Online Shop, the Club is continuing with the trend of listening, learning and meeting the needs of its fans and to create a stronger bond with its supporters.

In order to produce first class high level products, specialists and consultants from Israel and abroad who have worked with leading sports brands will assist the Club. The product line will have unique designs and be manufactured using the latest technology in order to create a truly innovative line of Sportswear for Maccabi Tel Aviv FC, its players and fans.

Owner  Mitch Goldhar  said: “The Israeli league like other similar size markets are not being offered the range of kit as in other European countries by the large brand manufacturers. Producing our own kit will give us the flexibility we need. The Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Brand will offer a first class quality that our fans deserve.“

Sports Director Jordi Cruyff added: “This move demonstrates more than ever the collaboration of all parties involved to supply garments to fit the players’ needs. This is an innovative process where we all join forces to award both players and fans with the best ever product.”

Maccabi Tel Aviv FC will continue working with ADIDAS until the end of the 2016/17 season which concludes the current contract, and would like to thank them for their cooperation over the course of the past three years.