The Tel Aviv Marathon takes place this Friday and just before thousands of runners take to the streets, the Yellow & Blue players got into the excitement surrounding the big happening. Ten players visited the Official Adidas Store at Kikar Rabin, met with the fans, took pictures with them and checked out the latest technology that the sports manufacturer has available for its customers.

Gal Alberman was one of those present and spoke about the event: “It’s great to hear that there are so many people taking part in the marathon. This isn’t the first time that we’ve come here and the interest just keeps increasing. As a sportsman, I’m happy that the more people are enjoying sports.”

And what’s the differences between the Marathon and football? “It’s a totally different discipline than ours. Our pace changes many times and that’s a huge difference. The 42 kilometers that are run in a marathon is about the same amount that we do in training plus the match itself.”