Maccabi Tel Aviv FC and Pizza Prego have signed contract extension for the next three seasons.

COO Sharon Tammam spoke about the continuing relationship: “The Pizza Prego chain is one of Israel’s largest pizza chains as it continues to expand throughout the country. We are proud that the cooperation will continue, one that our fans enjoy a very high quality product as well as special promotions. We look forward to working closely together, elevating the Pizza Prego brand and helping them achieve the business goals that they are striving for.”

Pizza Prego CEO Alon Sahar added: “We are pleased to continue our cooperation with the country’s largest football club, which is associated with professionalism, excellence and achievement. Over the past two seasons, Pizza Prego has become part of the Maccabi Tel Aviv family, strengthened our connection with the largest fan base in Israel and through this cooperation, especially with the new media department, impressive results have been has produced. In addition to our connection with the club, one of the things that interests me most are the social and community activities which Pizza Prego takes part in with the Maccabi Foundation. I’m positive that we will reach many more achievements with Maccabi.”

Pizza Prego started out more than 23 years ago and is now a nationwide chain: From Binyamina, the entire Dan Region, the Shfela, Ashdod, Be’er Sheva, Modi’in and Jerusalem for a total of 20 branches. Four additional branches are expected to open during the upcoming months. The Pizza Prego chain has maintained a high standard of quality and uncompromising service which has earned them a great reputation and gained success thanks to the pizza that is produced through a meticulous process with high quality dough, rich sauce and 100% mozzarella cheese.