Dear Supporter

Welcome back for the start of the 18/19 Ligat Japanika League.

I would like to start by thanking you for being part of the Maccabi family. To be part of Maccabi is to be part of something bigger than oneself. We believe we have a management team and group of players that will epitomize just that over the course of the next 36 games. We are all Maccabi. We will succeed if we all work together to put the team’s success ahead of any individual goal.

This squad is youthful. I trust with that you will see commitment and hunger. What we have got is a large number of players that have grown up in Maccabi. Whose goal as young players was to wear the sacred Yellow and Blue shirt in front of you. I know all the players, especially those who are 100% Maccabi, are here to win and if they don’t, I believe they are the types to give everything on the pitch trying.

The Club is built on values such as Excellence, Loyalty and Desire to Succeed. We are fortunate to be led by a committed and truly engaged, owner, Mitch Goldhar.

We will continue to work hard and never give up so that you can relate to the those values and have pride in your club. We are all part of the fabric of this Club and we must all follow the ethos of Maccabism – a combination of killer instinct and winning spirit.

We have worked hard this summer to bring together the coaching staff and squad as early as possible. Off the field, we are delighted to have assembled a group of sponsors that is befitting of been part of what is Maccabi. I thank Hisense, Pizza Prego, Fritz, Kopell Group, Nivea, Issta, Eurodrive and Johnnie Walker for their continued support and I am delighted to welcome PenguinPickUp, B.S.R, Atrade, Hadassah Medical, Neviot, Gatorade and Hugo Boss to the Maccabi family. 

I would also like to thank all of the employees of Maccabi. The Israeli football summers are short and the demands continue to increase. Without the dedication of the staff, we would not be the club that we are.

There will be bumps and upsets along the way. Hours, days and weeks when your patience might be tested. But we need you. We will always need you. I know we have a team that will repay your faith and remarkable support.

The late Avi Cohen once said: “To be part of Maccabi Tel Aviv is to be the greatest, the most beautiful and the most successful”.

Thank you again for been a part of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Yalla Maccabi