Just before the end of the season, it’s now the time to meet the Maccabi stars face to face and take a picture with the Championship Plate on Wednesday May 22nd at the PenguinPickUp Training Ground at Kiryat Shalom.

The event will begin at 16:00 and fans must be at the facility by 15:45. Registration opens today, and is limited to 300 people. Please note, you will not be able to attend if you do not register in advance.

How does it work?
Registration is open today Monday May 20th at 14:00 to all Maccabi FIRST members for the Community Day on Wednesday May 22nd at 16:00 at the Kiryat Shalom Training Facility, 106 Derech Ben Tzvi and is limited to 300 participants ONLY.

Each person may register up to 3 participants which includes the person submitting the registration. Just like when you make a reservation at a restaurant, you request a table for yourself plus 2 friends for a total of 3 ONLY.

• Following the registration, you’ll receive an email requesting information about the participants.
• If you registered for the last Community Day and weren’t able to come but didn’t give us notice, you will not be allowed to attend this coming Community Day. If you register for this upcoming Community Day and can’t come, please let us know in advance.
• If weather conditions don’t permit the Community Day to take place, you will be notified a few hours prior to the event.
• All participants must arrive at the Kiryat Shalom Training Facility by 15:45. Should you be delayed, you may not be able to participate in the event.
• In order to ensure that all fans meet all of the players, special greeting videos may not be recorded at the Training Facility.

Entrance to the Training Facility will be granted only after a full security check. Each participant will need to present their Teudat Tzehut ID Card, License or Passport in order to take part in the event. Entrance will not be granted to those whose names do not appear on the official registration list!

Participants are not allowed to bring with professional photographers or videographers.

For the rules and regulations, please click on the following link.

May 2019

Registration closed