To date there have been 138 matches against Maccabi Netanya: The Record: 68 Maccabi wins, 35 draws and 25 Netanya wins. Goal Differential: 224:146 in favor of Maccabi.

Over the years Maccabi has recorded 1024 league victories. Of those wins, Netanaya is the opponent has the most wins against – 68. Maccabi has defeated Bnei Yehuda, Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Petah Tikva 64 times for second place.

Home record against Netanya – 72 matches: 44 Maccabi wins, 17 draws and 11 losses. Goal Differential: 128:55 in favor of Maccabi.

Maccabi has a 7 match home winning streak against Netanya (2nd longest ever against Netanya).

The record took place in 1968 – 12 home match winning streak.

Maccabi has met Netanya 9 times in playoff action, all of which in the Championship Playoffs. The Record: 6 Maccabi wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

The biggest Playoff win over Netanya – 4:0 in 1991/92. The goal scorers: Itzik Zohar (2), Meir Melika and Avi Cohen The Jerusalemite.

The upcoming match will be Maccabi’s 10th at the Netanya Stadium out of their last 12 matches. The Maccabi has done this 3 other times in their history and all took place at Bloomfield Stadium in 1964, 1972 and 1973.

Omer Atzili holds two records this season against Netanya:
1. He scored after only 28 seconds (against Netanya, MD17) which was the fastest goal in the Premier League this season. This was also Maccabi’s 3rd fastest goal of all-time.
2. Atzili scored a brace (against Netanya, MD29) after entering the match as a substitute and both goals were via penalty.

In fact, he is the only Maccabi player to score a brace as a substitute over the past 5 years and one of only 13 Maccabi players who have done this. Eli Driks scored 3 goals as a sub in the 1991/92 campaign.

Netanya is the only team that Maccabi hasn’t recorded a goalless draw against (of teams that Maccabi has played at least 15 times). The last 0:0 draw against Netanya was in 2007/08.

Maccabi has scored 4 goals in each of the last two meetings with Netanya. If Maccabi can score at least 3 goals it will be the first time since 2000 that Maccabi has scored at least 3 goals in 3 straight matches against the same opponent (Tzafririm Holon).