As part of the Maccabi Tel Aviv Foundation programs a connection with the Jewish communities in the Diaspora is a must. The goal is to strengthen the connection between the Club, its history, Israel and the Jewish World with Maccabi Tel Aviv and especially the Foundation activities.

During the month of May, Yuval Shaham the Maccabi Foundation Manager visited six Jewish communities in the United States where he gave lectures and had special activities that combined the Club to the various areas that were visited. The trip began in Washington and ended in New York with stops in Philadelphia, Chicago, Indianapolis and South Bend as well. The Maccabi Foundation was able to reach 400 people which included children, youth, adults and senior citizens.

The participants learned about the club’s history, its deep connection to the Jewish people and the State of Israel and how the Foundation works with many communities throughout Israel using the strength of Maccabi and football. The communities which took part in this first trip will continue to enjoy the Foundation activities with the hope that they will be community partners in the future.